Mercedes Benz Century City say sorry – two stories

Dear Mr. Myers,

Our earlier telecon today refers.

I regret the fact that our communication was not as you expected.

We have taken notice of this and in future will be aware that particularly in instances where the is an insurer involved, that we should direct our communication to both parties.

I have also instructed Morne to communicate with you on a daily basis to ensure that you are kept fully in the picture at all times.

I trust that this communication brings you right up to date.

I look forward to meeting you personally on collection of your vehicle.

Kind Regards

Neal Steyn

Sandown Motor Holding

Brand Centre Leader – Mercedes Benz Western Cape

021 528 0400

yet on another important blog by Brian Currin he receives good service from Nedbank see story attached. It can be done Bravo!

GAVIN RAJAH his new collection to be shown on 22 August




Strange it would seem that developing countries across the world faced economic and social difficulties as they suffered from multiple debt crises in the 1980s, requiring many of these countries to apply for financial assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. Ethiopia witnessed widespread famine in the mid-1980s, resulting in the country having to depend on foreign aid to provide food to its population and worldwide efforts to address and raise money to help Ethiopians, such as the famous Live Aid concert in 1985……………history is repeating itself in many parts of the world in 2009. This season my inspiration is taken from underground sub-cultures of the 80’s. Think fetishes, synthpop, bold graphics, music videos the birth of ‘straight edge’, arcade games, MTV, new romanticism and nights in Chinatown. The collection is an interesting mix of new takes on references to this era. “The good thing about fashion repeating itself is that you can simply leave out the naff stuff and focus on breathing a fresh life into the cool stuff!”

This season we have custom designed prints, embroideries and even some textiles for the collection – all of which will soon be able to be purchased by consumers to create their own garments! This season also sees a collaboration with uber cool denim brand LEVI’S.

Silk taffeta, cotton tulle, wool and cashmere tweeds, denim, silk duchesse, silk stretch twills, satin finished wools and wool blend knits are integral to this collection. Gilded corded laces, Spanish cotton lace, hand fringed textiles and delicate paillette embroideries make this collection one which is labour intensive and focused on surface details.

This season also heralds a collaboration with Levi’s South Africa and one of which we are exceptionally proud of. The collection will feature our take on Levi’s inspired denim collection for men and women.


The 80’s was a period I grew up as a kid and looking back now, it was a time that I was exposed to many places, books, ideas, forms of music, art and theatre. All of this I have my parents to thank for. This year also marks a loss for me which will never be replaced….the death of my Dad to whom I am eternally grateful to for exposing me to the fashion industry and supporting my quest to be part of it. This collection is dedicated in memory of him and his influence on my life and work.


Gavin Rajah will be showing his collection off site at the Auto Atlantic BMW Showroom – 19 Herzog Boulevard.

Tickets will be available at . The cost of each ticket is R150.

P.S. Love the title Gavin .. he likes Seether I see ! and the music was sorted out yesterday it is nothing like you would ever expect..come see the show

Mercedes-Benz South Africa Poor Service

i have now written an email to all these people as listed below re the poor service at century city branch . the email includes the CEO Mercedes-Benz South Africa

Mercedes-Benz Cars Divisional Manager: Eckart Mayer

Vice President Sales & Marketing Passenger Cars: Konstantinos Tsiknas

CEO Mercedes-Benz South Africa: Dr. Hansgeorg Niefer

Online Chess Business ChessCube Receives VC Funding

Online Chess Business ChessCube Receives VC Funding

Cape Town, South Africa – 10 August 2009. ChessCube has concluded a US$1.25m funding agreement with Venture Capital fund, InVenFin (Pty) Ltd. InVenFin, the VC-focused subsidiary of VenFin Limited, invests in intellectual property-based start-ups with global potential. This transaction brings ChessCube’s total funding to date to US$1.8m.

ChessCube is an online chess site, which allows players of all skill levels to compete and learn chess, while socializing with others. With a potential market of over fifty million active chess players in the world, has already attracted over 650,000 registered users across 207 countries – making it one of the leaders in the growing online chess market.

Mark Levitt, CEO and founder of ChessCube says, “We are delighted to have InVenFin on board as our partner. Over and above the valuable capital injection, InVenFin gives us access to an international business network, and their team of experts in branding, product strategy, intellectual property management and corporate structuring. This investment allows ChessCube to focus on establishing itself as the world leader in online chess.”

InVenFin’s Stuart Gast says, “ChessCube’s innovative product offering has impressed us, along with the strong team led by Mark. The social gaming space is growing rapidly worldwide, and we believe ChessCube represents an excellent entrance for us into this world. We look forward to assisting ChessCube achieve its aspirations.”

Vinny Lingham, CEO of San Francisco-based, was an early investor in ChessCube. “As a keen chess player myself, it is particularly exciting to be part of an innovative chess venture,” said Lingham. “This investment by InVenFin further highlights the potential of Cape Town as the technology hub of Africa – which I like to dub Silicon Cape. ChessCube has enormous potential to dominate the massive global chess players’ market.”

The partnership between and InVenfin will allow to become the most recognized and loved online brand for chess enthusiasts.

ChessCube enables all levels of chess players to play live chess against other like-minded players, in various forms of the game. The focus at is enjoying the game of chess in a positive and fun environment. also offers interactive chess videos written by international grandmasters. Unlike DVDs, these videos interact with each user, offering them personalised instruction – an outstanding innovation that earned ChessCube a Semi-final placing in the 2008 Adobe Max Awards in San Francisco.

World history was recently made by ChessCube when, during its recent sponsorship of the 2009 South African Open, along with the 400 participants at a Cape Town venue, for the first time in history three grandmasters and masters participated from a second venue in Melbourne, Australia. FIDE, the world chess federation, worked with ChessCube to ensure that the games, which were played across the Internet, were officially rated, setting a new precedent that could see tournaments using this technology in the future.

ChessCube continues to innovate and build on its award-winning chess playing platform from its Cape Town headquarters.

Useful links

ChessCube website:

ChessCube blog:

Contact information

ChessCube(Pty) Ltd.

Contact: Mark Levitt (CEO)

Office: +27 21 555 2019

Mercedes – Benz poor service saga and Century city continues

to continue the story from yestedays post. I phoned this morning to ask to speak to the dealer principle ,got put thru to Heidi Basson again. Her voice dropped on hearing it was me again .She remarked " I am just printing it all out just saw your blog post and will attend straight away and get back to you. She did emphasise that not everyone has internet access
Still no one is giving me a concrete answers to relative easy questions.
What is the status of the car?
the run around and pass the buck continues.
What is good to note is how two journalists have picked up on the story via facebook and reading my blog post and want to run a feature piece in local magazine


A simple car service turned into a mess re non returned calls and total lack of professionalism and follow up at Mercedes Benz Century City .The saga began on 23 July 2009.

The details are as follows:

Took car in for service on 23 July 2009.

Came that afternoon to collect car at 4pm .Car not ready, sorry we forgot to phone you.

They -that is Mercedes mention to me we need to fix the steering( re the car bump I had) . I say no problem, and lets sort it out. Insurance arrive the following week get quotes sort out the prices (over R80 000.00 they tell me, change the whole steering mechanism is what needs to be done)

On Monday 3rd of August I decide to email service advisor Morne James to ask about a courtesy car. The email is sent, see details below

Sent: 2009/08/03 01:56

Was read on 2009/08/03 03:35.

To this date I have not had a phone call or return mail, nothing re status of the car .An entire week of silence.

So on Friday 7 August I decide to phone Merc Century City again to speak to senior management to get answers.

I get put thru to a bubbly women called Heidi Basson

Heidi tells me email me the details (I do that at 10.48 am to ) and someone will get back to you straight away. The corporate pr speak comes out and she passes the buck to someone else who will phone me back. Iam still waiting. In fact I have a read receipt on all my emails and they have not been read or opened and I did not get a non delivery report that I had wrong email address.

The fact of the matter whatever Merc Century city wants to say, the service is appalling and the follow up even worse. They have total disregard for clients and this example is just one of total lack of customer service or follow up. Merc cannot put any pr spin on this, the facts are plan to see

Annoyed is not the word. I would like to use, Far stronger language is called for but that would be inappropriate.

Let’s see if on Tuesday 11 August I get any status feedback etc, or if the read any social networking sites or blogs for that matter.

PS read my facebook status I am easy to find martin myers

or read it all up for everyone to read


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