Paloma faith – this is cool


“With huge ‘Don’t Kill Bambi’ eyes and Beat-Girl insouciance issuing from Betty Page lips, Paloma Faith is a born performer” i-D magazine

“My early performances were David Lynch meets William Blake at the circus”. Paloma Faith.

The inexorable rise of PALOMA FAITH took a sudden vault forward recently with the news that her debut single “Stone Cold Sober” had been brought forward a month because UK radio had leapt on it with such fervour that they quite literally couldn’t be stopped from playing it.

Originally scheduled for release in July, the single’s new release date of June 15 reflects the fact that we have a major new star in our midst, one who will help confound our expectations of what being a pop star in our celebrity obsessed culture has to involve.

You can see it at any Paloma Faith live event. The audience dress up and already know the words to all the songs, even though most of the songs won’t make it to CD until the autumn. The stage is immaculately dressed by Paloma to reflect her highly tuned visual sensibility. She might emerge sporting a huge feather plume, a variation on the showgirl, but one who takes her influences from a vast knowledge of film and theatrical culture. An acute sense of dynamic and drama punctuate the show, enhancing songs that draw on musical influences as diverse as Billie Holiday, Etta James, P J Harvey and Edith Piaf. Yet this is no arcane performance – this is something that could easily touch huge crowds in stadiums, so universal are the songs.

Born in Hackney, London, Paloma Faith is half Spanish and half British.

– 2 –

As an ex magician’s assistant, trained contemporary dancer, St Martin’s alumni with an MA in theatre direction, a performer in burlesque shows, and an actress, Paloma has been mixing artistic media throughout her short adult life. A few years ago she introduced music, her primary love, into the equation, at first mimicking the blues and soul singers she so admired, but eventually finding her own voice.

It is this extraordinary voice and persona that you can hear for the first time when her debut single “Stone Cold Sober” is released by Epic on June 15.

Some random facts about Paloma Faith:

She appears in the new Terry Gilliam film “The Imagination of Dr Parnassus”.

She has a track on the forthcoming Basement Jaxx album.

When she was a magician’s assistant she would be sawn in half onstage.

She began singing in cabaret and burlesque clubs.

She appeared in the St Trinian’s film as Andrea the Emo.

Paloma once appeared as a live ghost on a ghost train ride at the funfair.

She once joked about slumming it at festivals – “Anywhere you can’t wear stilettos just isn’t worth going”.

She once worked as an assistant in Agent Provocateur.

She loves David Lynch and Tim Burton.

. Her debut album “Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?” will be released later this year.

“There are a lot of new pop girls waiting in the wings, but this one’s success seems assured”. The Guardian.

“Keep your ears open for Paloma Faith. Her debut single “Stone Cold Sober” is magnificent. She is going to be big” The Sun

Here is where the Paloma Faith story really begins….

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