Website Of The Year

Once upon a time, Perez Hilton ruled the online gossip sphere. He

treaded where no major corporation risked playing. Because the old

farts don’t understand that today we’re interested in people more than

events and we just want the facts.

If only Perez had realized this. Amateurs make inroads, professionals

dominate. Perez thought people went to his site for him. But they went

to his site for facts. And one guy, spread too thin, trying to become a

brand, with multiple Websites, a concert tour and books, never mind

personal appearances, just can’t compete with a deep pocket that

comprehends the paradigm.

In other words, Harvey Levin and TMZ are obliterating Perez Hilton. But

TMZ is also triumphing over conventional media outlets. Because TMZ

understands the younger generation, which wants facts immediately and

analysis later.

This is why the Fox News Network is doomed. There’s no news gathering,

just talking heads.

This is why the Huffington Post is the number one rated blog. A quick

scan will inform you of all current events. In an instant, you’re up to

date. You can go to a party and talk like you’re living in the world,

as opposed to being an outsider. Go to the "New York Times" site and

try to figure out what is going on in the world in an instant. It’s


Which is why the "Times" is foundering. The Gray Lady is not in touch

with Steve Jobs’ rule number one. Design is key to triumph. The

"Times" site looks like the newspaper. Should Websites look like

newspapers? Isn’t that like saying music must come on round discs?

Sure, TMZ pays sources. Sure, TMZ is willing to stick its neck out

prior to confirmation. But TMZ very rarely gets it wrong. Which is why

if you want to know anything about personality news, you go to TMZ


TMZ posted that Michael Jackson was dead long before any other Website.

TMZ owned the Tiger Woods saga.

Sure, Frank Rich nailed the analysis. A MONTH after the events.


) But by this

time, we’d all been discussing the multiple mistresses, debating whether

Elin should divorce Tiger for eons!

So what have we learned here?

The individual pioneer will not win on the Web unless he doubles down,

unless he raises a ton of cash and spends it. A gossip blog was a good

idea, Perez Hilton proved that. He just didn’t know how to scale it.

So, his days are numbered.

Innovators in the online music sphere… Wait for someone to prove the

paradigm, then watch someone with deep pockets dive in and own it. You

may think this is unfair, but this is business reality, not

music-centric inevitability. The reason the major labels always stole

the indie acts was because the majors had cash, which they were willing

to spend. Want to compete with a major? Get backing, spend promotional

monies, pay royalties, earn success. Then new acts will be flocking to

you instead of Universal.

But Universal is just like the "New York Times". Railing against the

future, trying to find a way to jet us all back to the past. This

strategy failing, Universal is now diversifying, like Perez Hilton,

doing a ton of things poorly. This is not a recipe for success. When

you expand, you’ve got to spend money, and get it done right!

TMZ is entering sports. Do you think they’re going to do it as lamely

as Perez did with fashion? If you think so, I’ve got to quote Judas

Priest, you’ve got another thing coming.

And for all Arianna Huffington’s bloviating, I wouldn’t bet on the

Huffington Post either. They’ve got great design, but they create

almost none of their own content. Oh, don’t tell me about the celebrity

and wannabe blogs, no one reads those, they don’t even read Arianna’s

musings anymore. They just want the information.

But at least the left wing knows it’s about information. The right wing

still thinks it’s about discussion/analysis on talk radio. If you think

the Web-savvy generation is listening to talk radio, you probably still

think hit albums sell ten million copies.

As for Rupert Murdoch trying to pull content from Google to survive…

That’s wrong too. You need to adjust your product for the Web. Create

sites just like TMZ and the Huffington Post, that focus on facts. Save

the analysis for somewhere else. Diversify, don’t try to hide behind

your ivory tower.

Every newspaper now has blogs. They’re making their reporters write

more to earn their pay. Only one problem, what is the URL for Patrick

Goldstein’s movie industry blog? You go to the L.A. "Times" site and

then..? Whereas it’s easy to find Nikki Finke, and she now rules movie

industry news. Because she’s cultivated relationships and is not

worried about occasionally getting it wrong.

That’s what happens in an instant culture. You sometimes screw up. But

that shouldn’t mean you should wait forever for verification.

Do celebrities like TMZ?


Because TMZ is beholden to its audience, the public, the readers, not

the famous. Too many newspapers are beholden to those they report upon,

whether it be government officials or bigwig financiers. Those people

don’t pay the bills, READERS DO! If you go on the attack and nail those

who screw up, then you’ve got the readers on your side.

You don’t always have to win, you’ve just got to win a few times.

The "New York Times" is famous for getting it wrong about WMDs. Judith

Miller was a groupie for the Bush Administration. We used to think if

the "New York Times" says it’s so, it is. No more.

TMZ is famous for getting the details on Michael Jackson and Tiger Woods

first. So now TMZ is the first click in a celeb crisis.

This is kind of like hit records. Create something great, and we keep

coming back. Make mediocre music and do endorsement deals with those

corporations we hate and you’ve got to earn our trust all over again.

It’s a whole new world. With brand new rules.

We live in an era of immediacy. When a news event happens, write a song

about it and get it online within hours, not months or years.

The key is to interact online, to play. Sure, no one likes to make

mistakes, but we forgive them in a twenty four hour news cycle…if you

make apologies and continue to try and get it right in the future. The

major labels squandered all their capital. If they apologized, lowered

prices and got in bed with their customers, they’d have a chance of

surviving. Instead, they’re driving themselves into being licensing

houses for their catalogs. It’s not the public’s fault, it’s the

companies’ fault!

What used to work, works no more.

There used to be albums. Should there be albums in the future?


With a steady stream of information online, why should we wait years for

your next ten track opus?

Don’t fight the future, accept it.

And know that he who does, who does not try to protect his investment in

the past, but plays by the new rules, wins. Assuming that once he’s got

traction he doubles down, he invests, he realizes, like Steve Jobs, that

the world is constantly changing. Rupert Murdoch thought MySpace would

dominate forever. Any user could see that the interface/software

sucked. Wall Street prognosticators considered the purchase a good

deal. But the public doesn’t listen to Wall Street, it listens to its

friends, which are now all on Facebook.

Today’s kids know more news than you ever did. They don’t get it by

watching network broadcasts, or even cable channels, but by surfing the

Web. Those you think are ignorant are not. Harvey Levin has tapped

into this. Can you?

King Schumi back in 2010 on the grid

The true champ is back and all the pretenders will be shown for what they are. Note that, the return of the legend exceptionally scary for the pretenders due to the fact that Brawn is once again along side him. It is the Brawn and Schumacher combination that is lethal.

RE WEDDING 16 dec 2009 – thanks

Natacha Berkowitz

thanks for an awesome evening



Susan Boyle Set For Biggest 2009 U.K. Sale

Susan Boyle Set For Biggest 2009 U.K.Sale

Susan Boyle’s debut album "I Dreamed a Dream" (Syco/Sony Music Entertainment) is set to be the biggest U.K. seller of 2009, according to the Official Charts Company (OCC).

Although it will only have five weeks of sales this year, that will likely be enough to make it the top-selling album. The Boyle set had moved 1.34 million up to the end of Dec. 19, taking it past the 1.19 million sales in 2009 for Lady Gaga’s "The Fame" (Interscope).

Kings of Leon’s "Only By The Night" (Hand Me Down/Sony Music Entertainment) – released back in September 2008 – is currently the third biggest seller of the year having racked up 65 weeks on the U.K. chart. It is followed by Michael Buble’s "Crazy Love" (Reprise/Warner) and Black Eyed Peas’ "The E.N.D." according to the OCC.

"In just four weeks, Susan Boyle has become the biggest album artist in the U.K. by some margin – an extraordinary achievement for an artist who was totally unknown until last April," said Martin Talbot, managing director of the OCC, in a statement. "She has clearly connected with a massive proportion of the British population and is now looking solidly in place to take the title of the biggest album of the year."

Download Seether’s new album at Rhythm

Seether’s album Native Noise Collection Vol. 1 – The Seether Sessions is now available for download from This South African-only release includes interviews with the band and rare cover versions of The Beatles’ Across The Universe and Frank Sinatra’s I’ve Got You Under My Skin.

Native Noise Collection Vol. 1 - The Seether Sessions by Seether


Sports Chirp Of The Year?

From Lenny Mailer

Has Supersport presenter Neil Andrews grabbed the trophy for Sports Chirp Of The Year 2009 with this end-of-year cracker?

It was after the Portsmouth (2) vs Liverpool (0) game on TV on Saturday and there were 3 guys in the
SuperSport studio discussing the game with Neil Andrews as the head of the panel, Shaun Bartlett representing Portsmouth, and Mark Batchelor, the rabid Liverpool supporter, representing Liverpool, and after the game,
Neil Andrews turned to Batchelor and said to him:

“So, you’re going to have to change your surname to Knopfler, cause you’re in Dire Straits”.

Deep Purple Uriah Heep Wishbone Ash to SA in 2010

Considered as one of the pioneers of heavy metal and hard rock, Deep Purple were listed by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s loudest band and ranked as number 22 on VH1s Greatest Artists of Hard Rock. They incorporate many sounds into their rock music including classical, blues and pop. Deep Purple is still one of the hardest touring bands in the world and has continued to tour around the world since 1968. They’re most famous for their haunting hit – Smoke On The Water.

Deep Purple will be supported by Uriah Heep and Wishbone Ash.

The technically brilliant heavy rock band ‘Uriah Heep’ (taken from the character featured in the Charles Dickens novel David Copperfield) have sold over 30 million records and have had 5 US Top 40 albums. Their debut in 1970 was a simplistic bass driven sound from electric folk to a direct harder appeal. Uriah Heep were at the forefront of a richly embossed, fastidious style of music later to be dubbed as progressive rock.

Andy Powell, Muddy Manninen, Bob Skeat, Joseph Crabtree make up Wishbone Ash, a British rock band who were hugely successful in the mid 70s. Their popular records include Wishbone Ash, Argus, There’s The Rub and New England. Wishbone Ash are considered one of the major innovators of the harmony twin lead guitar format. Their contributions helped Powell and Turner to be included in the Top 20 Guitarists of All Time by Rolling Stone magazine.

Tour Itinerary:


Friday 28 May 2010
Coca-Cola Dome Johannesburg
Tickets from R275 to R500 (incl. service charges)


Sunday 30 May 2010
Indoor Arena, International Convention Centre, Durban
Tickets from R272 to R426 (incl. service charges)

Cape Town

Tuesday 1 June 2010
Grand Arena Grandwest Casino & Entertainment World Cape Town
Tickets from R297 to R476 (incl. service charges)

Music lists best of etc

Its funny as we move from 9 to 10 ( yes 2009 to 2010) how lists come out for end of decade songs, events etc and some are great to read and some are pure rubbish, yet the lists are just that opinion.

Now in my opinion as far as music is concerned nothing quite beats U2 –Unforgettable fire. The album was released 25 years ago and the songs are still fresh ,Songs like Bad, Pride, A Sort of homecoming . U2 are the kings sitting on top of the musical throne!

Sade Unveils ‘Soldier’ Album In New York

Sade Unveils ‘Soldier’ Album In New York

Sade, the R&B group featuring vocalist Sade Adu, will release its first collection of new material in almost ten years, “Soldier of Love,” on Feb. 8, 2010 through Epic Records. The singer/songwriter, looking as youthful as ever in a black, silk pant suit and her staple slicked-back ponytail after revealing herself to thrilled members of the media, previewed the album in New York City’s Frederick P. Rose Hall at LincolnCenter last night (Dec. 14).

“Soldier” is produced by Sade along with the band’s friend and longtime collaborator Mike Pela. The band’s lineup remains virtually unchanged since its inception in 1983, and the songs on “Soldier” are written primarily by Adu, saxophone and guitar player Stuart Matthewman, bassist Paul Spencer Denman and keyboard player Andrew Hale.

“The Moon and the Sky” finds Adu declaring her devotion to her former lover, singing, “I pulled in all the stars and the moon/laid them on your feet till I gave you my love/you are the one that got me started/you could let me love anyone, but I only wanted you/why did you make me cry? Why didn’t you come get me one last time,” over choppy violins and simple drums. The title track, which was released last week as the first single, begins with a gentle wind, followed by muted trumpets. “I’ve lost the use of my heart, but I’m still alive/still looking for the light in the endless pool on the other side,” Adu croons in her husky voice over marching band drums and smeared electric guitar riffs.

The heartfelt “Morning Bird” is packed with strings, piano strokes and tambourine clatter, as Sade questions, “How could you? You are the river/I told this life, how could you/you are the morning day, you sang me into life/everyday, fly away, you are the blood of me/the heart of my dream.” She commends a man’s fatherly instincts on “Baby Father” over a guitar and drums, while she shelters the love of her companion on “The Safest Place,” singing, “In my heart, your love has found the safest hiding place” over a piano-based production.

“Long Hard Road” has dramatic violins and “Be That Easy” is reminiscent of a country love song with guitars and whistles. Meanwhile, Sade sounds pained on “Bring Me Home,” with lyrics like, “I’ve cried for the lives I’ve lost/I feel so close but far away from God;” “In Another Time” is one of the album’s highlights, with a stunning violin arrangement and saxophones; and “Skin” features a delicate drum and bass beat.

Sade’s 2000 release, “Lovers Rock,” sold 3.9 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The Rainbow Room Opening tonight

Frank Gormley & Alison McCutcheon
together with music director Eric Alan, Debbie McGuire and the management of Rainbow

Open the new Jazz Club
Tuesday, 15th December, 2009
the launch evening headline performance is ‘Tribe’ featuring
Buddy Wells, Mark Fransman, Charles Lazar and Kesivan Naidoo
show starts 8pm
Mandela Rhodes Place
23 Church Street
Cape Town
Tel:(021) 422 1428
Interpark Parking on Burg Street with direct access to Mandela Rhodes Place
Directional Map available at <>

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