the greatest sporting weekend of my life

Warm greetings once more.

The truth is that this newsletter could have been called whatever you want it to be as there is not one singular superlative that can describe what this past weekend was like.

Speaking of contenders England proved once again that they are not contenders but instead are merely tomatoes and the reality is that this is the world cup, not a soup kitchen.

The first of the big guns were in action on Saturday and I was there. And I arranged a ticket at face value for Manfred and Kanyiso. We watched Argentina carve Nigeria open. It could have been a massacre but thanks to a stupendous display of goalkeeping by Vincent Enyeamba it was only 1-0. It may have been in Johannesburg but we could just as well have been in Buenos Aires. Once more ‘phenomenal’ would be euphemistic.

The opening match was special and so was this one. They were different and for different reasons too but it only made me more determined to attend a Copa America. When Diego Maradona walked onto the field and waved at the Argies, they went ballistic. The only man that is revered as such that I know of is Nelson Mandela himself.

Germany looked very impressive indeed in spite of their very young side. To add to that Argentina impressed me as did South Korea. but let us face the facts, Re England If Robert Green and David James are the best you have then I am afraid you are not going to cover yourselves in glory. As always England’s media promise everything and the team delivers nothing. Of course it is only one game and things could change but I do not foresee that happening. And since I made mention of the UK press now would be a good time to mention that England won the 1966 world cup.

The opening weekend of the world cup turned out to be the greatest sporting weekend of my life. There is no monetary value that can be put on the experience and I am certainly going to cherish the blessing and privilege that it has been forever.

Look after yourself.

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