Jax Panik’s forthcoming album ‘I Am Jax Panik’ in September 2010.

Jax Panik’s forthcoming album ‘I Am Jax Panik’ in September 2010.

Enigmatic creative musical force Jax Panik returns with a sophomore album release in September 2010 entitled ‘I Am Jax Panik’.

Jax Panik snuck into the lime light with the smash hit single ‘Cigarettes & Cinnamon’ – a song submitted to 5fm independently in 2008 that went on to be a #1 hit on the station ..

The development of Jax Panik is an evolutionary story of continuing significance, starting out as a ‘one man bedroom outfit’ & evolving into a full blown studio project with key creative partnerships & synergies in place.

Jax Panik combines music with a strong visual element in the conceptualisation process, the development and inspiration around ‘I Am Jax Panik’ mixes this with a relentless work ethic, outstanding creative vision and unique original insights….

Jax Panik are an act representing the future, combining web promotional strategies & virals on a global level into every new step forward they take ..

Sneak Previews of the new album have been garnering significant interest internationally.

Jax Paniks new single ‘Get Up (If You’re Hot)’ goes to radio on Monday 18th July. Preview it here:


The ‘Get Up (If You’re Hot) music video will be delivered to TV shortly, with continued announcements in the build up to album release ..

Jax Panik are: Jax Van Heerden & Johnny De Ridder.


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