DARING DOCCIES Documentary Film Festival – 29 JUL – 5 AUG

29 July to 5 August marks the inaugural dates of a new life-altering documentary film festival by Flamedrop Productions, hitting the screens at The Labia Theatre, Cape Town.

The various brave and determined filmmakers pull no punches as they tackle subjects that affect us all and the planet we share.

These highly acclaimed and award-winning movies include:

MUGABE AND THE WHITE AFRICAN (debut SA theatrical run)
[ Screened daily from 29 JULY – 5 AUGUST ]

Michael Campbell is one of the few hundred white farmers left in Zimbabwe since President Robert Mugabe began his violent ‘Land Reform’ program in 2000. Since then the country has descended into chaos. The filmmakers took their freedom and lives in their hands as they documented Campbell’s fight against the government.
(Lawyer Jeremy Gauntlett who assisting with the making of the movie will handle a Q&A at the opening screening on 29 July. If Ben Freeth, another main contributor to the making of the documentary can get here from Harare, he will also be present, otherwise phone interviews can be arranged).

[ FRI 30 JUL 6:15pm / WED 4 AUG 8:30pm ]

Award-winning rebel tattoo artist Brandon Bond and his colleagues took it upon themselves to rescue & rehab some of the over 70 pit bulls used in the illegal dog fighting ring facilitated by convicted football star Michael Vick. Standing up for underdogs in all walks of life, this movie proves the classic cliché of not judging a book by its cover, be it human beings or dogs. Also features Danny Trejo, Michael Berryman, Pixie Acia and Donal Logue.

GAS HOLE (SA Theatrical Premiere)

[ SAT 31 JUL 6:15pm / TUES 3 AUG 6:15pm / THUR 5 AUG 8:30pm ]

A new documentary about the history of Oil prices and the future of alternative fuels. The film, narrated by Peter Gallagher, features interviews with a wide range of viewpoints from US Department of Energy Officials, Congressional leaders, Alternative Fuel Producers, Alternative Fuel Consumers (such as actor Joshua Jackson), Professors of Economics & Psychology and more…

Why are alternative fuels and more efficient engines not being implemented more widely, and who stands to gain…?

I.O.U.S.A. (SA Theatrical Premiere)

[ SAT 31 JUL 8:30pm / MON 2 AUG 6:15pm ]

What affects the US economy, affects the world. Throughout history, the American government has found it nearly impossible to spend only what has been raised through taxes. Wielding candid interviews with both average American taxpayers and government officials, Sundance veteran Patrick Creadon (Wordplay) helps demystify the nation’s financial practices and policies.

Be afraid…




‘Zeitgeist – The Movie’ and ‘Zeitgeist – Addendum’ were created to communicate highly important social understandings which most of the world’s population are generally not aware of.

The first film focuses on suppressed historical & modern information about currently dominant social institutions, while also exploring what could be in store for humanity if the power structures at large continue their patterns of self-interest, corruption, and consolidation.

The second film, Zeitgeist: Addendum, attempts to locate the root causes of this pervasive social corruption, while offering a solution. This solution is not based on politics, morality, laws, or any other “establishment” notions of human affairs, but rather on a modern, non-superstitious based understanding of what we are and how we align with nature, to which we are a part. The work advocates a new social system which is updated to present day knowledge, highly influenced by the life long work of Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project.

THE THREAT – La Minaccia (SA Theatrical Premiere)

[ SUN 1 AUG 6:15pm / MON 2 AUG 8:30pm / WED 4 AUG 6:15pm ]

“Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution are the greatest threat since the time of the Soviet Union and communism” > Doctrine for Asymmetric War Against Venezuela, U.S. Army, 2006.

This is the starting point for a journey across the country, which gave rise to the “red wave” in Latin America. Does Venezuela represent the dream of a new socialist society or is it just another distortion of populism and dictatorship?


[ SUN 1 AUG 8:30pm / TUE
3 AUG 8:30pm / THUR 5 AUG 6:15pm ]

This doccie tells the story of the controversial Black Metal music genre which was born in Norway and expanding across Europe (and the globe) during the 1990s, as a fiercely anti-religious barrage with a sonic overload. With highly publicized media cases of murder, suicide and church burnings associated with many of the bands, this evolution of the Heavy Metal genre made society sit up and take note once again, but not necessarily for the right reasons.

All tickets: R30 each

Booking Tel: 021 424 5927

The Labia Theatre is a licensed venue and drinks from the bar can be taken into the cinemas

For more movie info, trailers and the full DARING DOCCIES screening time schedule, check out:


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