Nokia Gives Jozi A Global Push

Nokia Gives Jozi A Global Push
December 01, 2010 – Global | Digital and Mobile | RB Hip-Hop

By Diane Coetzer, Johannesburg,from

Johannesburg-based hip-hop duo Jozi has become the first South African band to use Nokia’s Ovi Music platform in multiple territories to promo its latest single.

The two-week free giveaway (Dec. 6-19) of new single “Diva” takes place through Ovi Music stores in South Africa, Italy, Middle East, Finland, Singapore, Poland, Netherlands, Germany and Indonesia. It is part of a multimedia package that highlights the group’s music, videos and achievements.

“Releasing a new single is a big thing in the music world and offering the song for free via an online music store is a huge step forward for digital music,” Dominque Silva, Ovi Music Manager for Nokia South Africa, said in a statement.

Lance Stehr, owner of Jozi’s Johannesburg-based label, Ghetto Ruff, said Jozi “have what it takes to go global.”

“The group has been together for four years and has shown it has real staying power in the urban market through albums ‘Muthaland Crunk’ and ‘Wildlife,'” he told Billboard.Biz. “The fact that Jozi has won or been nominated for awards outside South Africa – like the MAMAs and the Mobos – is also an indication of the accessibility of its music. I have no doubt the group is ready to go global.”

Jozi are in the running for artist of the year at the third MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAS) which take place in the Nigerian city of Lagos on December 11. The group was named best live performance winners at the MAMAS inaugural event in Abuja, Nigeria in 2008.

The Ovi Music package is based around the track “Diva” which will feature on Ghetto Ruff’s compilation, “Muthaland,” released this month. Also included in Ovi Music’s Jozi online feature is a “making Of” documentary that offers a comprehensive look at the group’s emergence to become one of the strongest players in South Africa’s urban music market.

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One Response to Nokia Gives Jozi A Global Push

  1. Roy says:

    I love the track 4 real. DIVA by Jozi and ‘PUT YA SWAG ON’ by Limo are songs for the festive and da who summer.

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