A Forum for Capetonians to engage with each other and the world listen to www.thetaxi.co.za


Soli Philander – broadcaster, actor, comedian, and writer – presumably you’ve heard of me – ‘Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader’, ‘Liriekeraai’, ‘Let’s Fix It’ and some other TV excursions (some people still remember me from Timothy Traddle on Kideo!). On Radio I’ve worked for Metro, SAFM, Punt Geselsradio, RSG, Capetalk (twice – and twice they’ve shafted me) and Heart. I’ve written columns for The Argus, Beeld, Kaap-Rapport, Foschini Club Magazine and such. I’ve done (besides acting in shows like District Six The Musical, Buckingham Palace D6, a couple of PD Uys productions and quite a few Shakespeares) my own shows like Take Two, Woeskroes, Hotnotsgot and lots and lots of stand-up comedy.

The iReverend Colin Jones – ex-dean of St. George’s Cathedral, struggle activist, ex-CEO of Spier Wine Estates, board member of the Tallberg Foundation in Sweden, violinist, writer and still sometime preacher

Grant Jansen, ex-FMR, ex-KFM, ex-Capetalk, broadcaster, producer, marketing graduate, DJ

And The Ghaadtjie Lerato Matona – humanities graduate from Kanana near Orkney near Klerksdorp

A Forum for Capetonians to engage with each other and the world. Have some fun like only Capetonians can, make some gat like only Capetonians can, and in the way that Capetonians do, wallow in what makes us unique, and tune the rest of the world… to our wavelength.

You’ll need a computer or a cell phone.
Open your browser.
Type in: www.thetaxi.co.za
Click on ‘click here to listen live’
Choose your player: Windows, Mac, Cell phone
Click on play
Welcome on board the Taxi
Looking forward to connecting with you there.

THE SUPPORT (…so far…)
Anwah Nagia on behalf of the KAAF TRUST
Akbar Khan and his entire staff at Eastern Acoustics
Ivan Lintnaar from Tata Oostenberg and Tygerberg Rotary
Christopher Grant from Net Dynamics
Elliot Sylvester from The Daily Voice
Vern Adams from Heart 104.9

And everybody who kept on encouraging us to ‘go for it

About Martin Myers
Music Supervisor / Artist and Talent Manager / Publicist / Music Exchange Founder / Owner Triple M Entertainment

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