As the current season of Idols comes to an end, joint winner of the 2009 competition, Jason Hartman, has been hard at work with various initiatives and projects. This year alone has seen performances in the Royal wedding festivities in Monaco, a collaboration with a world-renowned songwriter, a part in a movie as well as an active role in providing a voice against global poaching. Not to forget, Jason is currently working on new material for a single to be released within the next couple of months as well as a new album release in 2012.In July, Jason took part in the wedding festivities of the Prince and Princess of Monaco where he and his band opened for The Eagles. This performance earned him a standing ovation and soon entrenched Jason as a celebrity off South Africa soil. He performed a number of gigs in Monaco and appeared on Radio Monaco, where he has new fewer than two songs off his current album, On The Run (Sony Music), play listed.

Whilst in Monaco, Jason was introduced to legendary Italian singer songwriter Umberto Tozzi, who had smash hits with Gloria and Ti Amo (both later covered by the late Laura Branigan in the eighties). The pair will be working together on new material, which will be considered for Jason’s forthcoming album.

Jason has also been selected as an ambassador the International Anti- Poaching Foundation (IAPF) where he will be not only using his “celebrity capital” to raise awareness around the current issue, but will undergo intensive physical training to play an active part in the combat against poaching, a global problem that is threatening the extinction of many species including rhino.As an avid gardener, Jason has for the last few years been on a mission to empower people in poorer communities with the skills to sustain themselves through planting and maintaining their own vegetable crops.

Most recently, Jason had his debut role in the local movie A Million Colours, which was released at the 2011 Montreal Film Festival. The film is due to hit South African screens later in the year.

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Music Supervisor / Artist and Talent Manager / Publicist / Music Exchange Founder / Owner Triple M Entertainment

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