The designer Craig Jacobs from Fundudzi asks you to read this please.

Hi friends,
I am not sure if you know but the City of Cape Town and Cape Conservation has caged and is set to kill two Cape Peninsula baboons this week by lethal injection.

This follows the killing of two baboons, William of Scarborough and Fred (who featured in the British documentary Baboons with Bill Bailey) over the past two years.
The male baboons are being targeted because of their behavior as they battle to find their way home to the inland troop because of the urban sprawl. Rather than considering translocation – and introducing a more holistic education and awareness campaign – the authorities have decided to kill these two living creations.

If you would like to help convince the authorities to stop killing the baboons, and look to alternative solutions, please could you make your protest known by signing this petition
You can also send a letter to the mayor of Cape Town, Patricia De Lille by writing to mayor.mayor

I have attached an image of the two male baboons who have been tagged, caged and are waiting to be killed this week.

Thank you for taking the time to read this mail.

Craig Jacobs

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