World Class Producers Tristan Keyte ( UK, USA ), and Brian O’Shea ( USA, Germany, UK ) and Charles Webster (UK, USA) discussed the new challenges in producing commercially viable music in the age of technological equality.

The trio, who all have extensive international experience at the highest levels of the industry, shared some of the psychological aspects that go into the 21st Century creative process.

Tristan Keyte, (Roger Daltrey, Westlife, BoyZone) was particularly candid saying ” It really isn’t a dictatorship anymore” when discussing production. He went on, ” The vibe of the people in the room is the critical part” and ‘ If the feeling in the room isn’t optimal, its time to leave the room for a while”. He also described the teamwork ethic 21st Century artists require these days. ” It’s no longer a process that has any authoritarian component to it “.

Keyte, who is based out of Cape Town and London continued to discuss the dynamic of the new technology and its effect on the artists ability to engage in the production process, “The artist can now engage in pre-production themselves while creating the ideas for a track, which can help guide the production into the original vision of the song” and also added ” It becomes a total team effort these day”.

Brian O’Shea, ( Seether, Watershed, Elvis Blue, Arno Carstens, Lloyd Cele ) added that artists are seriously interested in designing “commercially viable tracks”, whenever possible, in order to put themselves in position to profit immediately. He went on to declare ” The New Artist has a clear vision of what they want, when entering my office. They come in with several well developed tracks and want me to design a “Radio Hit” with a few of them”. It has become clear, that the 21st Century Artist is a quasi – producer, who is more interested in participating in every specific step of the production process.

World Class Producers Tristan Keyte, Brian O'Shea, Charles Webster Talk 21st Century Production at Music Exchange
World Class Producers Tristan Keyte, Brian O’Shea, Charles Webster Talk 21st Century Production at Music Exchange