Could this be the Simple Minds set list for latter in the year in SA? -this set is from earlier this year

  1. Set One
  2. Broken Glass Park
  3. Waterfront
  4. Once Upon A Time
  5. Up On The Catwalk
  6. Let There Be Love
  7. All The Things She Said
  8. War Babies
  9. Glittering Prize
  10. I Travel
  11. Set Two
  12. Book Of Brilliant Things
  13. Neon Lights
    (Kraftwerk cover)
  14. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)
  15. She’s A River
  16. This Is Your Land
  17. Blood Diamonds
  18. The American
  19. Love Song
  20. See The Lights
  21. Don’t You (Forget About Me)
  22. Promised You A Miracle
  23. Encore:
  24. New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
  25. Sanctify Yourself
  26. Space
  27. Alive And Kicking

About Martin Myers
Music Supervisor / Artist and Talent Manager / Publicist / Music Exchange Founder / Owner Triple M Entertainment

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