CTL winners enjoy Bling-Bling Tour show | Cape Town Lately

Cape Town Lately competition winners Bernice Harman and Adrian Phipps had a blast at the Bling-Bling Comedy Tour show at GrandWest on Friday night.

Bernice Harman and Adrian Phipps won a pair of tickets to the Bling-Bling Comedy Tour via Cape Town Lately’s Facebook competition.

Here’s what they had to saw after the show.

Bernice Harman:


‘If you love comedy and you love South African culture, you’d love the show! The Bling-Bling Tour show was an entertaining evening with celebrities in the audience.

‘David Kau rocked the stage. He’s now in my list of top ten favourite performers as he had a great stage presence. I Thoroughly enjoyed Jason Goliath as his confidence keeps your eyes glued on him, listening to his every word. Skhumba’s act was excellent too.

‘Kudos to all the comedians for entertaining us with the intricate details of our politics, which borders on being ludicrous at times!

‘And special thanks to Cape Town Lately for the great evening. I’m a big fan. If you love Cape Town, you have to check them out.’

Adrian Phipps:


‘I was genuinely amped to hear I had won tickets to the Bling-Bling Tour show as I have heard only good things about in the media and I was not disappointed at all. The show exceeded my expectations and the line-up was world class as it included good mix of established comedians with some up-and-comers.

My favorite act was Conrad Koch and Chester Missing. This oke has his finger on the pulse of South African politics and has no qualms about laying the truth out there. His quick-fire form of comedy is also something I enjoy.

A special shout-out to David Kau as the host as this dude has grown from a junior shock-type comedian to a rock solid mainstay of South African comedy. I’ call him the black Barry Hilton. On Friday night, he was definitely in his element running the show.

‘I would like to thank Cape Town Lately for the opportunity and hope they stay committed to all things Cape Town. It’s great to see people who are as passionate about this lovely city as I am.’

The prize was proudly sponsored by Triple M Entertainment.

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