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As you will have probably realised during Music Exchange Trevor likes to generally be prompted by audience questions, so that their interests guide what he speaks about.

Trevor will be bringing various materials on both DVD format and on his computer.

One DVD has the following clips:

-The Carte Blanche biographical video

– The montage of film titles to the ‘Last of the Mohicans’ main theme

– Various clips from Trevor’s film scores:


Opening Titles,

Merlin Opening Titles

Sea of Love Opening Titles

Mississippi Burning

Desperate Measures

In the Name of the Father

Sea of Love (Supermarket Scene)

Thirteen Days

The Mighty (both without score and with score)

– 15 minute audio compilation of Music Excerpts from Trevor’s films.

The second DVD has more general film music excerpts including work from other composers:

– Ridley Scott’s ‘Legend’ – 2 alternate scores by Tangerine Dream and Jerry Goldsmith
– Psycho (Bernard Herrmann)
– The Third Man
as well as clips from Trevor’s score (and Grimethorpe Colliery band) for ‘Brassed Off’

Trevor also has a variety of fairly recent clips from ‘My Hunter’s Heart’ and ‘Labyrinth’ (the recent Scott Free production of the Kate Mosse novel, not the David Bowie film!) on his laptop.

For more details – Martin and Razia Myers – info


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