The long awaited new studio album by Cape Town-based Alternative / Industrial-Rock band TERMINATRYX is set for release on 4 April 2014.

Never ones to follow convention, with Terminatryx( pronounced: “Terminaytricks”) entering its 12th year, the new album takes the band into yet another realm (following their self-titled debut album; its full remixed version incl. international & local remixers; the Kopskoot! heavy Afrikaans compilation; and the Terminatryx DVD featuring the classic silent vampire film Nosferatu with a new original soundtrack).

Produced by Terminatryx co-founder Paul Blom and the renowned Theo Crous, the duo wanted to add a new dimension of sonic force, yet not diminish the potential accessibility of the songs.

With lead vocalist Sonja Ruppersberg having an equal hand in writing this album’s songs with Paul, her emotional perspective added a great deal to expanding the scope of the new songs that are filled with energy, passion and a drive to transcend the mundane.

Known for being guitarist in bands like Springbok Nude Girls and K.O.B.U.S., and producing acts like Van Coke Kartel, Prime Circle, Parlotones and Dan Patlansky, Theo Crous also mixed the “Shadow” album and by recording at his Bellville Studios, a warmer analog element was added to the previous digitally dominated recording process of Terminatryx.

The title track can be heard at:

The album will be available on CD as well as reputed on-line locations including iTunes, Amazon mp3, CD Baby, Bandcamp and others.
(A limited edition vinyl release is being considered)


The first 2014 live performance and first launch event for the Terminatryx “Shadow” album will be on Friday 28 March at Mercury (Zonnebloem, Cape Town) together with The Awakening (on their first SA tour in over half a decade since they relocated to the USA), and newcomers Subvers. Book at

New songs from the “Shadow” album will make their live debut, including “Medusa” and the Afrikaans song “Masjien”.


Special guest artists appearing on the TERMINATRYX “Shadow” album include:

FRANCOIS VAN COKE (Van Coke Kartel / Fokofpolisiekar) – gang backing vocals on “Holy”

HEIKE LANGHANS (Draconian – Sweden) – backing vocals on “The Outcast”

FRANCOIS BLOM (K.O.B.U.S. / V.O.D) – gang backing vocals on “Holy”

MATTHIJS VAN DIJK (Makabra Ensemble) – violin & orchestration on “The Outcast”

DICCON HARPER (V.O.D / Dragonforce / Pagan Altar) – bass guitar on “Holy”

CRAIG VEE – lead guitar on “Medusa”


About Martin Myers
Music Supervisor / Artist and Talent Manager / Publicist / Music Exchange Founder / Owner Triple M Entertainment

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