Brazil is an emotionally immature and sentimental society.

A great friend of mine sent me his thoughts re last nights game and expressed some key observations

Brazil is an emotionally immature and sentimental society.

Having been there so many times, and knowing the culture so well, there is an additional subliminal element to their defeat last night which as follows:

The Brazilians succumbed to their own idiotic sentimentality and a resting on their laurels ways of doing things. This is a symbol of a far deeper malaise effecting their corrupt and deeply conflicted society. This is also as a result of colonialism which has spanned some 500 years and continues to endure to this very day. Despite it pretending to be an equal society, and while it is indeed so on the streets, the Carnaval and on the beach, the endemic problem is that the white colonial masters use the lower class football players, samba queens and ladies of the night, most of whom are mulatto and black, as trained seals for their own personal titillation without consideration to the human soul beneath.

And when the trained seals do not perform or fail to perform or go to pieces (as Brazil did in last night’s game) the colonial masters get upset.That is not right. That is not fair.

In addition, the unrealistic expectations of the Government for the World Cup to solve endemic societal problems was way too much for any team to bear. The cracks had already appeared from the first game against Croatia. By the time of the Chile game, the writing was clearly on the wall.

There is an expression in Brazil called “jeitinho”. It means find a way.

It is an expression for the way of doing things by circumventing rules and social conventions. It is a typically Brazilian method of social navigation where an individual can use emotional resources (appeal to emotion), blackmail, family ties, promises, rewards or money to obtain favours or to get an advantage. It is a similar concept to viveza criolla in Argentina and Uruguay (Wikipedia credit).

It is an elixir solution to any problem which spans across all social rungs of the Brazilian society. Kind of like a Pistorius manoeuvre for refusing to take personal responsibility and using his and his family’s cash resources to get him acquitted of murder.

The jeithinho method does not work any more in Brazil. Not on the soccer field, nor in business, romance or broader social and societal relationships.

Unless Brazil wakes up to this reality, their society will be forever doomed despite some honest, novel and real solutions having been found to issues such as hyperinflation and the impeachment of their first democratically elected president Fernando Collor de Mello.

Buy hey why should we take Brazil seriously. Let’s Samba!!!

Best regards

Barry Varkel


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