Good read about touring overseas acts in SA and ticket prices re Kings of Chaos

Firstly , these events take a long time to put together , as many artists have complicated schedules globally which are always subject to change .

SA is often NOT on the WORLDWIDE tour schedule as it is NOT relevant to their international sales. Promoters have to find a GAP in their International Tour to try and bring them here. It is a HUGE risk .

So , to help people understand ( I hope ) I’ll put some current facts on here.

1. NONE of the equipment is MADE or MANUFACTURED in this country . so it ALL has to be flown or shipped in and bought by SA companies It constantly has to be upgraded and serviced as well

2. The exchange rates against the Dollar , Pound & Euro are terrible at the moment and have been for a while

3. The customer demographic in this country is not comparable with the US , UK or Europe , where there has been DECADES of culture of attending Stadium shows and gigs with history of world famous events. There are NONE here , and I don’t mean the ARGUS CYCLE TOUR , I’m talking about Music Based Events.

4. The artists that are on National radio in SA command set fees based on their popularity at the time GLOBALLY , so if they are getting for example $50,000 a show in the US then they are simply not going to come here , sit on a plane for 2 days for a one night only event based on the ASSUMPTION that tickets will be sold . They have to be PAID UP FRONT IN FULL , and the promoter must also contract ALL other facets such as Health & Safety, Fire Dept , SAPS , Traffic Management , Marketing , Radio , Sound ReInforcement , Backline , Hospitality Riders , Transportation, Flights & Hotels , Generators , Ticket printing, Wristbands ..the list goes on .

5. Overseas R1500 for a ticket is normal for a West End Show on a Tuesday night in Central London . These artists coming into SA have sold MILLIONS of records globally , not to mention their TV and sometimes Movie appearances , so they are the sum of their net worth . Festivals overseas are the same . Tickets are R4000 per DAY in many cases . It’s a simlilar story if you want to watch Manchester United at Old Trafford , have a look on their website and see how much it is . You pay R1700 for 90 minutes of football with 75,000 people .

Kings Of Chaos is an opportunity , to see these artists in a small setting , with fabulous sound light & staging and could possibly be the last time they come here . When ONE DIRECTION started out , they would have played in venues in the UK for £20 a ticket . NOT ANYMORE. It’s the same with Kings Of Chaos, they have grown in popularity since they started touring and are now more in demand . It is not easy to get ANY International act here.

Promoters here in SA , DO NOT drive McLarens or Rolls Royce Phantom VI’s because they don’t make that kind of money ! In most cases , ALL sub contracted crew are STILL trying to cut their costs in order to facilitate the event. The MORE events we all SUPPORT , means the more ACTS that will come.

6. It is an opportunity for the public and ALL SA artists to watch and learn from these events and enjoy the performances . I would not like to see promoters here stop bringing artists over because it’s too much hassle ……..Rather get on a plane then and go and see your favourite band in Los Angeles or New York , it will cost at least R30,000

7. If as an INDUSTRY here in SA we really worked together to promote the SA artists , and got their product GOOD ENOUGH for radio play and sales internationally , we could bridge this gap a little quicker . THIS CANNOT HAPPEN WITHOUT PUBLIC SUPPORT OF BUYING RECORDS AND ATTENDING SHOWS.

8. Most people I see driving around Cape Town seem to be wearing the R1000 sunglasses and the designer jeans ??? Last time I went to the Audi garage , they didn’t discount my new car because i complained it was too expensive either…they said this is the price , take it or leave it …or go to Germany & buy one there and ship it back.

9. In SA we are demographically challenged in location , disposable income brackets , historical availability of International Shows and an exchange rate that is like monopoly money , not to mention the WORK VISAS that are required to come here and perform as well . 10. There is about 11 WEEKS or so until the Kings Of Chaos arrive in CT…so R100 a week or R10 a day ….and you’re in the GOLDEN CIRCLE ……SOUNDS LIKE A DEAL TO ME !!!

by Tristan Keyte


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