He is Culoe de Song in 140 characters he plays at CTEMF on Sunday at City Hall in Cape Town

How are you ?

I’m good.

Its your round what are you drinking ?

A glass of Shiraz followed by some still water.

The song you wished you wrote? Cloudkickers feat. Marcus – Bring On The Night (Rocco TroDeep Mix)

Dream gig to do ? A session in Space. Playing music looking at the Earth.

What makes you stand out ?

Me, My music & I.

Nicknames ? “Isithakathi”

If you are not a musician what would you do ?

Probably something electric & digital.

Pick five words to describe your band ?

Music to travel the universe.

Greatest Movie Ever Made ?

Pursuit of Happyness.

Who do you love ? God.

Happiness is ? Freedom of the mind, body & soul.

On stage I tend to ? Sweat

What are you doing next ? Going to finish a remix.

interview by Martin Myers


About Martin Myers
Music Supervisor / Artist and Talent Manager / Publicist / Music Exchange Founder / Owner Triple M Entertainment

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