After an absence of more than 30 years, Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse and his band, including Paul Simon friend and respected muso Tony Cedras, returned to Cape Town and The Baxter Theatre on Friday 25 October 2018, for ONE NIGHT ONLY!

Fortunately for us all, this sell-out concert was captured on film, and commencing Friday, 29 May 2020, for ONE WEEK ONLY, this two-hour celebration of classic music, new voices and extraordinary light and sound production, will enjoy a new lease on life for a fleeting seven days.

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Thanks to the power of digital collaboration with TicketPro, Music Exchange (MEX) , the original producers of the show, have teamed up in 2020, during the height of the current COVID-19 lockdown, to present this very rare and special moment in time for the very first time online.

All proceeds from kind donations received over the seven days will go towards supporting the artists and crew who set the night alight.

The Baxter Theatre, equally compromised by COVID-19 reality, will also benefit with a percentage of the proceeds going towards their solidarity efforts in keeping their critical precinct alive now and well into the future.

Sipho’s long-overdue Mother City return was a night worth capturing in time, if only because the new (Siphokazi Jonas, Roeshdien Jaz, The South African National Youth Choir and Mmino) and the tried-and-tested powerhouse that is “Hotstix” delivered a one-of-a-kind performance that’s finally being repeated!

Karin Kortjé has a new single out, called “Live out Loud”. And it is the first song from the pen of the former SA Idols winner.

Karin releases powerful self-penned single

Karin sounds as good as ever, with the vocal abilities she displays yet again a testimony of her extraordinary God-given talent.

This song follows on the very successful single “Baby come to Me” that was a radio hit for Karin. But while “Baby come to Me” is a nice upbeat tune, “Live out Loud” is more like an anthem – with a definite message of hope to everybody finding him or herself in a tough situation.

And those struggling with the stark reality of dealing with Covid-19 and the lockdown would definitely find comfort in the lyrics that are so apt for our world that has irrevocably been transformed by the deadly virus.

Karin explains: “I wrote the song with Tyrone Marinus, he is guitarist and producer. He approached me about a month ago, explaining that this was his new venture and that he wanted to start producing songs. He said if I wanted to write and record songs, he was available.

“So, we wrote the song here at my house and then we recorded it at his house. He has a setup there – not a professional studio – but it is professional equipment. He sent the song to somebody else for remastering.”

The inspiration behind the song was Karin’s personal journey and the challenges she faced in her life. But she is cognisant of the fact that every human being faces different challenges, so the song speaks to overcoming life’s challenges in general.

“There are many problems facing people today, like rape, physical and verbal abuse, health issues, unemployment, family issues, crime… so people can basically just think about their own journey and struggles when listening to the song and hopefully find comfort and hope in it. We do survive, we do overcome our challenges, so we just need to stay strong and positive.

“Allow that to inspire you and be bold and live out loud. That is the title of the song, Live out Loud. Before the Cornavirus and Covid-19 children being murdered was in the spotlight again and that also just motivated me. I felt so helpless and I wanted to do something. So, when we started writing that was the driving force behind the song.

“I told Tyrone we are both parents and we need to put ourselves in the shoes of those parents who have lost children under those circumstances. During that time my son Cameron one evening during the week went to confirmation class at church and some guys followed him on his way home, with the intention of robbing him.

“He showed them his Bible and hymn book and fortunately they left him alone. That was the same night Taznay van Wyk was murdered. Cameron usually informs us when he’s finished, and we then fetch him but that night he didn’t. We were so worried and when the news of Taznay came through the next day, I just broke down crying thinking it could have been my son.”

The song is also giving hope to people battling to deal with the current Lockdown.

Karin does all the vocals on the song, but she has a surprise backing vocalist in her baby boy Joshua (5), who will melt hearts with his cute, sweet voice.

The song will be available on all digital platforms such as Apple Music, Google Play Music, Simfy Africa, Deezer and Tidal on 21 May 2020.

Jann Klose commemorates his dearly departed manager in an emotional lockdown-produced video

There are a handful of qualified musical examples that best illustrate arresting melody, matched only by complementary visuals that lands their entertainment and message intent, beautifully – “Pilot Light” is one such statement.

Written in the midst of a breakup “Pilot Light”, produced by David Schoenwetter and Jann in the former’s Manhattan studio in early 2020, hits the listener squarely in the aural solar plexus, in a very, very good way. Add a visual document to support the lyrical investment and what’s where the heartfelt investment lands.

Dedicated to the untimely passing of Jann’s much respected and very much-loved manager of lauded Big Management-fame, Gary Salzman, due to Covid-19, “Pilot Light’s” sentiment rings true to the message of overcoming adversity and rising to the challenge of a day yet to be documented and celebrated for very different reasons than originally envisaged.

The singer/songwriter channels all of his creative ingenuity into a track that’s filled with universal appeal and immediacy sure to resonate with an audience grappling with finding meaning behind life’s biggest emotional challenges.

Pop/rock needs a lift, something to resuscitate the current lethargy that abounds, and Jann Klose is offering some cathartic bliss in the form of strings, melodic teasing and acoustic transformation.

As to what separate Jann’s “Pilot Light”, along with his rich and critically acclaimed archive of hit-making records, sit tight and pay genuine attention. “My songs have been heard on Grammy® nominated, Billboard Top 10 charting compilations,” Jann points out. “I am the singing voice of Tim Buckley in the Universal feature film Greetings from Tim Buckley, and my songs have been streamed over two million times in the last year on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.”

Jann’s most recent album, In Tandem, features collaborations with some of South Africa’s most eminent artists.

He’s also opened and performed for a wide variety of artists, including John Oates (Hall and Oates), Pat Benatar and Suzanne Vega. “As a singer/actor, I have performed in Broadway shows The Who’s Tommy, Jekyll & Hyde and Jesus Christ Superstar,” Klose shares.

There is no time more prescient than now for a track the calibre of “Pilot Light” to guide the way. If ever there was a moment when human emotion and authenticity is lacking, this track shines the light on our collective vulnerability, all while celebrating our resilience to overcome the very worst that life throws at us.

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