Delighted on behalf of Music Exchange to judge the 3rd annual Delft Youth Talent 2020

Delft Youth Festival is an innovative partnership community project between Bold Moves and Good Deeds Foundation, with support from other NGO’s, schools, businesses and organisations in Delft.

In 2018, the Festival was first launched to coincide with South Africa’s National Youth Day of remembrance for all the brave students and young citizens who took part in the 1976 Soweto uprising protests. The Festival’s purpose is to celebrate, unite, transform and empower the youth in Delft. The festival contributes positively to the long term social, cultural and economic development of Delft as a community.

Sadly, due to the ongoing challenges of covid19 in South Africa and around the world this year’s festival will focus only on the ‘Delft Youth Talent’ segment as a virtual project.

The Delft Youth Talent provides the opportunity for local diverse people in the Delft area to showcase their talents, promote social cohesion and cultural integration, and bring the community together in a fun and safe environment. Our targeted age is 7 years minimum to 35 years maximum, solo and group entries welcome.


1) Delft Youth Talent Audition (Virtual) opens Tuesday 9 June and closes Tuesday 16 June.

Contestants to submit through our email, a short 4 minutes maximum video showcasing their talent. At the beginning of the video, each contestant must state his / her full name (s), name of the group (if applicable) and their act (singing, dancing, playing instrument, recital of poem, drumming, etc). All talent welcome. The top twenty (20) contestants will be featured regularly on our Delft Youth Festival facebook page and other social media platforms.

2) Delft Youth Talent Finals (Virtual) will take place on Saturday 27 June 1pm to 3pm.

Twelve (12) finalists will be selected from the top twenty (20) contestants by 3 dynamic, diverse and experienced judges (Ann Juries-May – actress; Nomi Mzamane – Producer, Actress & Presenter & yourself). The idea is for the 12 finalists (given different ‘spaced’ times to attend) to perform (by appointment one at a time) from a venue in Delft where covid 19 compliance will be taken seriously.

Mrs Kemi Akiyode-Adebayo

Executive Director / CEO

Cell / Whatsapp: +27 (0) 79 084 2987
Facebook: Bold Moves Africa

Mandisi Ads launches airport campaign at Cape Town International Airport

Mandisi Ads an out of home advertising services black-owned company, has partnered with Sizwe Medical Fund, to roll-out a disruptive stand-out appeal out of home (OOH) campaign at the Cape Town International Airport.

Dr Simon Mangcwatywa, the principal officer of Sizwe Medical Fund, said, “Sizwe Medical Fund is a medical aid for the people. Partnering with Mandisi Ads in support of the OOH Campaign at Cape Town International Airport was another touch point we saw fit in reaching the business and the leisure traveller criss-crossing between the two major financial hubs by bringing brand efficacy closer.”

Mandisi Maqetuka, the chief director of Mandisi Ad, said, “We are highly confident that, with this creative and effective new airports golf carts branding, of which is an exclusive Mandisi Ads channel, at the Cape Town International Airport …. busiest airport in Africa with over 10 million passengers annually.”

He said Sizwe Medical Fund’s brand would reach a burgeoning market of largely affluent business and leisure travellers.

Mandisi Ads, a small business, said this campaign was a big milestone .

Mandisi Ads, has an extensive OOH advertising inventory across Acsa airports as well as Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa train stations, prime malls and in various townships in South Africa, offering an increased value to clients.

Email: zanefor business enquiries.



by Robyn Cohen Jun 8, 2020

In October 2018, Sipho ‘Hotstix” Mabuse performed on the Baxter stage, accompanied by Tony Cedras, Roeshdien Jaz, Siphokazi Jonas, Mmino, the South African Youth Choir and other artists.

It was the second time that Mabuse played at the Baxter, during his half a century on the musical boards. We were away – one could be “away” in those days – and missed that sold out concert.

It was on for one night only.

Luckily, for us, we were fortunate to have been present at Spier, in March, 2017, when Mabuse performed with Freshlyground. This was a celebration of Mabuse’s 50th year in the music business. It was magical. Watching Mabuse performing Weeping with Zolani Mahola, Peter Cohen and Freshlyground – well – I have no words.

Still I was gutted that we missed out on the Baxter 2018 concert and was thrilled to find out that the concert had been filmed.

The recording was archived by one if the concert’s producers’ Music Exchange (MEX) and during lockdown, it was edited for live streaming on the Ticketpro Covid-19 platform.

By popular demand, the live stream has been extended until Friday – June 12, 2020.

Don’t miss it. Tickets are R20.

To find out how the stream operates, see article on this site. You cannot navigate away from the link, for example. If you do, you need another ticket Read the preview article for info.

Here is the link:

We loved watching the streamed 2018 Baxter concert. I will tell you why.

In addition to being a privilege to be able to see the extraordinary Mabuse and colleagues jamming on stage, the recording is a keepsake of a time when it was possible to gather at the theatre; dance together and rejoice in ‘being there’; being part of a live happening.

I like the fact that the film recording provides views of the audience; the joy of being present.

As with all his concerts, Mabuse’s charisma and warmth is palpable. He chats between sets and constantly gather others into his ambit.

In tandem with Mabuse, in the Baxter concert, we hear Martin Myers [manager and friend of Mabuse, Music Exchange CEO, producer] paying tribute to musical talent of South Africa, He talks about composer Trevor Jones [he has composed the music for blockbuster films like Notting Hill]. Myers talks about Tony Cedras who has played with luminaries like Paul Simon [Cedras was on the Graceland tour].

For me it come across poignantly as Myers urges us to honour our performing artists – in every way – artistically and financially. He is saying – look everyone, Trevor Jones is more appreciated -out of his home country – listen up.

The Baxter concert was staged in 2018 and now as we watch during lockdown in the Covid pandemic, those words resonate, deeply.

Artists have had their income streams decimated by the pandemic and the global lockdowns, quarantines, shelter in place – whatever name one uses – it has been catastrophic – for artists who rely on live gigs to generate income.

In the lockdown interview with Mabuse – read it on TheCapeRobyn – Mabuse notes that he doesn’t have high speed internet at his home in Soweto. Here is this extraordinary man – internationally recognised and in the lockdown, he is not wired to watch his own concert which is being streamed.

There are wonderful moments in this concert. There is that song. Sipho ‘Hotstix” Mabuse’s classic, Burn Out[1984]. “I’ve been watching you; Everyday of my life, mhhh … You gonna burn out all my love…Tonight, I’m gonna hold you till you cry…Hold you till you cry for more.” We watch in lockdown, holding on to – everything.

Roeshdien Jaz takes my breath away when he does his Waterfront song as I call it. Down by the Waterfront [2018] is his tribute to the V&A Waterfront – the vital hub that draws people from our country and from abroad. It is a synthesis of city and sea and embodies the energy of the port city of Cape Town.

The Waterfront was one of the last places that we went to, prior to lockdown. We had an errand to do there. It wasn’t a fun outing. Almost all the restaurants were closed. People were scurrying around, getting ready for lockdown. Many of those are venues which host live music. There was fear, anxiety and confusion. Who knew what was to come? Already, it looked like a ghost town – an abandoned landscape. And there on the Baxter concert stream is Jaz singing his Waterfront song and talking about this wondrous site which brings so many people together. I watch and gasp. I want to be transported back to The Waterfront, with its amphitheatre, crammed with people crushed next to each other, enjoying the beautiful city. I want to be present at a gig in one of the restaurants or watching comedy at The Cape Town Comedy Club.

I wonder which establishments will survive the lockdown. Who knows if artists will be able to perform live at The Waterfront – by the time summer 2020 arrives. I hope so

Watching the live stream of the Mabuse 2018 concert is not only about the opportunity to see an acclaimed concert via a live stream but it is also an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the creative talents of Sipho ‘Hotstix” Mabuse, Tony Cedras and others.

Buy a ticket at R20.
When theatres are open, go and watch them live. The motto of my website: Go while you can.That was put into place, way before the pandemic. You never know when you will not be able to go, is what I always said. And continue to say. In the pre pandemic says, people would tell me that they had every intention of going to an event but something came up. Or they were tired. Or they got diverted by something else. Or they forgot. Or whatever.

Now, we cannot go. We cannot commune in a theatre; at a live music event. On the other hand, we can experience the magic of the 2018 concert through a superbly filmed film recording. It is as if one is there. We ARE now here in lockdown. That is a moment to mark as well- in its pain and isolation and ache of being disconnected from others. Hopefully we will be back in theatres, watching Sipho ‘Hotstix” Mabuse and friends and we will say: “Just think, a year ago we watched the live stream at home and now we are back and the music is on the burn and everything is okay. That is all in the past.”

Don’t say after lockdown –“oh no I missed the livestream of the concert. I meant to watch it but I didn’t.” Could have. Should have. Didn’t. Go while you can. Stream it while you can.

Sipho Mabuse ,RJ Benjamin ,Chantal Stanfield, Cinema ,Dr Victor ,Ard Matthews and more for Lockdown Legends on 28th June

Join us, as we look back and celebrate with the talents of SA’s retro ‘best of the best’, where they will perform online magic for all the world to see and hear from the comfort and safety of your home.

Hear the music and the stories that defined generation after generation – and reconnect with the music that defined you.

The event also includes tributes to some of our lost legends by more recent artists from the 2000’s

75% of the proceeds will be channeled directly to the music professionals that have worked on this project and 25% to other music industry professionals.

28th June 2020 from 8.15pm | Donation only R100 gets you full access

** You can view the content at any time from 8.15pm on the 28th June until the 5th July 2020 **

The COVID-19 crisis has sadly left every musician, event planner, technician and live event crew member without an income, but the upside is we can all do something about it. It is time for music lovers the world over to support their efforts – and in a fair exchange of entertainment for cash – reach for our wallets and look forward to being rewarded for your commitment and playing your part to help keep the entertainment economy alive and well.

The event features stars and members of the following bands from the 60’s to now


● 1964 – Dickie Loader

● 1967 – The Dream Merchants

● 1967 – Four Jacks & A Jill

● 1968 – The Staccatos


● 1971- Brian Mulder of The Peanut Butter Conspiracy

● 1971 – Mick Matthews of The Hedgehoppers

● 1977 – Bernie Millar from Circus

● 1978- Andre De Villiers

● 1978 – Clout


● 1980 – Ballyhoo

● 1981 – Peach

● 1981 – Neil Solomon

● 1983 – Pierre De Charmoy

● 1984 – The Working Girls

● 1984 – Face to Face

1984 – Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse – Burnout

● 1985 – PJ Powers & Hotline

● 1985 – Robin Auld

● 1985 – Tim Parr of EllaMental

● 1985 – Heather Mac of Ella Mental

● 1985 – Sheldon Thomas & Craig Else of Petit Cheval

● 1986 – Stewart Irving

● 1988 – Cinema

● 1989 – Wendy Oldfield

● Lars Lofstrand of Celtic Rumours

1990’s & 2000’s

● 1994 – Dr Victor

● 1995 – Kreesan

● 1998 – David Beretta Owens of Lithium

● 1999 – John Ellis from Tree 63

● 2006 – Craig Hinds of Watershed

● 2008 – Ross Learmonth of Prime Circle

● 2018 – Ard Matthews of Just Jinjer

● 2002 – Mark Beling formerly formerly of Mean Mr Mustard

● 2020 – Bobo from Denim with new act BNL

● 2020 – Terence Reis of The Dire Straits Experience

● Danny K appearance

● Vicky Sampson appearance

● 1983 – Lloyd Cele pays tribute to Brenda Fassie

● 1978 – RJ Benjamin and Chantal Stanfield (The Benjafields) pay tribute to Zayn Adam and Pacific Express

Steve Umculo pays tribute to Hugh Masekela – Send Me, Mbombela , Bring Him Back Home, Sarafina

Presented by legendary DJ s

● Sean Brokensha

● Shado Twala

● Darren Scott

● Dave Guselli

● Kevin Savage

● Tony Blewitt

● David Gresham

● Peter Wise

● Benjy Mudie

Created & Produced by Jarrod Aston

Produced by: Glenda Sixel

Directed by: Di Rosen


Entertainment is a big source of happiness. And the quest for happiness is what keeps people moving forward with purpose. Covid-Zero puts entertainment first, giving artists, comedians and others a virtual concert stage to keep performing, engaging with you, their fans, and spreading positive lockdown messaging and good vibes. For performers in lockdown, online is the new live.

All you have to do is buy a ticket, sit back and watch, from the safety and comfort of your own home. Ticket sales will be donated directly to support the entertainers and will fund the manufacture and distribution of care packages including masks, hand sanitisers, food vouchers and safety information to communities across South Africa.

To give our audiences a voice in the silence, we are also offering you a ‘fans first’ option of voting for whom you would like to see perform. Our Gallery page will have photos of our wonderful Covid-Zero supporters dressed up for the concerts in their own homes and pictures of the distribution of Care Packages into our communities. You also have the option of making an additional donation to communities. Helping to take Covid-19 to Covid-Zero.

For media enquiries please contact;

Jarrod Aston | +2782 443 3209 or jarrod

Glenda Sixel | +2782 493 9738 or glenda

SIPHO “HOTSTIX” MABUSE raising funds for the Baxter Streaming till Friday 5 June 2020



After an absence of more than 30 years, Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse and his band, including Paul Simon friend and respected muso Tony Cedras, returned to Cape Town and The Baxter Theatre on Friday 25 October 2018, for ONE NIGHT ONLY!

Fortunately for us all, this sell-out concert was captured on film, and commencing Friday, 29 May 2020, for ONE WEEK ONLY, this two-hour celebration of classic music, new voices and extraordinary light and sound production, will enjoy a new lease on life for a fleeting seven days.

Thanks to the power of digital collaboration with TicketPro, Music Exchange (MEX) , the original producers of the show, have teamed up in 2020, during the height of the current COVID-19 lockdown, to present this very rare and special moment in time for the very first time online.

All proceeds from kind donations received over the seven days will go towards supporting the artists and crew who set the night alight.

Tickets are only R20.00.

The Baxter Theatre, equally compromised by COVID-19 reality, will also benefit with a percentage of the proceeds going towards their solidarity efforts in keeping their critical precinct alive now and well into the future.

Sipho’s long-overdue Mother City return was a night worth capturing in time, if only because the new (Siphokazi Jonas, Roeshdien Jaz, Mmino and the South African Youth Choir) and the tried-and-tested powerhouse that is “Hotstix” delivered a one-of-a-kind performance that’s finally being repeated!

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