We Are The World – my friend Peter Stemmet from ETV wrote this … Read it please, worth the read

There is a cliché that suggests that when you do not know what to say you should rather just keep quiet. This week I wish to apply this to music; if you don’t know what to sing then rather just keep quiet. Before I elaborate I wish to stress that I am going to try very hard not to sound like my parents. They would always tell me when I was growing up that the music I was listening to was rubbish and that the beats from their era would be everlasting.

Now whilst it is true that I am an addict of 80’s and 90’s music I have not turned my back entirely on the artists of the 21st century even if they are not necessarily to my taste. I could sit here and write that there is no modern day Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Prince or Cindy Lauper. I could lament that nobody today can release a power ballad like Def Leppard or Meat Loaf. But since I am so often reminded not to compare eras (the Sampras-Federer debate springs to mind) I shall refrain.

However when a bunch of artists get together to copy a work of art from 25 years ago then they themselves are inviting the comparison. In 1985 Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie joined forces with Quincy Jones and a star-studded ensemble to record We Are The World; a charity single intended to raise money in the fight against African famine – a worthy cause nobody will deny. Now 25 years on Ritchie and Jones assembled another all-star cast for We Are The World 25; this time aimed at raising funds for the victims of the Haiti earthquake disaster – another worthy cause no doubt about that.

The problem is that since it is almost identical save for a slight tweaking of the lyrics plus the addition of a rap verse at the end, it encourages the inevitable comparison. Jones and Ritchie, whose efforts are commendable, should be lambasted for what is effectively reinventing the wheel. Remaking this classic that had the desired impact at the time is akin to somebody repainting the Mona Lisa – it is just not done. Do you honestly think there is anyone out there that could do a better version of Bohemian Rhapsody, Purple Rain or Hotel California? Whoever tries inevitably humiliates themselves.

Our original first verse is kicked off by Lionel Ritchie who segues into Stevie Wonder followed by Paul Simon, Kenny Rogers, James Ingram, Tina Turner and Billy Joel before Jackson and Diana Ross sing the first chorus. These distinctive and iconic voices easily overshadow Justin Bieber, Nicole Scherzinger, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Nettles, Josh Groban, Tony Bennett and Mary J. Blige. With the exception of Groban none of the others have what I would term an iconic singing voice. This is followed by the audacity of including Jackson’s original chorus (technology is not always good) but this time sung with sister Janet. I have not mentioned the word previously but perhaps the only adjective appropriate here is sacrilegious.

The 1985 version goes on to showcase the talents of Dionne Warwick, Willie Nelson, Al Jarreau, Bruce Springsteen, Kenny Loggins, Steve Perry, Daryl Hall, Huey Lewis, Cyndi Lauper, Kim Carnes, Bob Dylan and Ray Charles. The 2010 version features Barbra Streisand, Miley Cyrus, Enrique Iglesias, Jamie Foxx, Wyclef Jean, Adam Levine, Pink, BeBe Winans, Usher, Fergie, Nick Jonas, Toni Braxton, Mary Mary, Isaac Slade, Lil Wayne, Carlos Santana (on guitar), Akon, T-Pain, Kanye West and an excruciating rap by LL Cool J, Will.i.am, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beatz and Iyaz.

Now there is no doubting these modern-day artists will secure their places in music history; which is not saying much since Milli Vanilli have a safe spot in the annals of performing arts, but out of the current crop I invite you to point out who the 21st century version of Warwick, Nelson, Lauper or Dylan is. For that matter do you spot a Charles or a Boss amongst that bunch? The likes of Streisand and Santana of course are exempted since they are already legendary and this is meant to be a then-and-now comparison. That said most of the artists on the updated We Are The World are relatively well-established; they have been around for a decade or have released a few albums already. Dare I say it but unfortunately for the music connoisseur you are even left wondering what was the bigger disaster; Haiti’s devastation or We Are The World 25?

Call me nostalgic. Call me reactionary. Call me old-fashioned if you will but I am sticking to my perspective: If you don’t know what to sing then rather don’t sing at all. This applies to recording artists as much as it does to shower specialists.

Heal the world. (A greeting that perhaps means even more this week)

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different” – Coco Chanel

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different” – Coco Chanel

The Met you have to love it!

The Met you have to love it!

A social gathering offering the full spectrum of Cape Town society and what fun it was. Let’s leave the race for a moment, besides Mother Russia destroying my chances of a winning my Quartet bet. The quartet paid over R13 000.

The fun and laughter was to be found in the Sponsors main tent. The cast of hundreds made for entertaining people watching. We had designer Craig Jacobs getting down and shaking what his mamma gave him, while one of the most Stylish people was Karen Burt, from Planet Productions. She looked splendid and elegant with her husband Gavin on her arm.

We saw a side view of Bryan Habana’s better half. As for those glasses and hat on Bryan… the only question begging answering was why? But I suppose if you live north of the border, that’s what you call fashion.

Also had a good rib and jibe with Bob Skinstad, as two weeks ago Kfm introduced Bob Skinstad to Saturday 8-9am radio. All the station is doing is copying Heart 104.9fm On The Couch (also Sat 8-9am) which has been running successfully under the stewardship of Martin Myers for the past five years.

Co-anchor on the couch man and cricket fundi Zaahier Adams dressed in a loud pink shirt for the Met. Mind you, with the entire goings on this week in cricket, he is forgiven. Chester Williams looked amazing in white and boy-oh-boy does his wife know a few things about horses. She made a number of her friends very rich on Saturday with well-placed advice.

Newly married James Lennox, the great ETV sports presenter and all round good guy, looked great in his elegant suit. He was also the MC for Most Elegant Couple competition .

At the end of the day we figured out that Mother Russia was from MoscowJ Role on J&B Met 2011, where hopefully some of us may get the chance to redeem ourselves… please!

J&B Met 2010 and Pocket Power.My thoughts

On current form, Pocket is IMPOSSIBLE to oppose. At the

weights, he has them cold. Kapil I like strongly, but it’s

a little far for him – big place chance. Others with place

chance are the 2 Laird 3 yr olds, Fabiani and BigCity.

River Jetez maybe 4th. I don’t like any other horses. My

gut feel is Pocket to win his 4th Met and Kapil will

be right there!!!

All the experts having been swallowing their words for 4

years about PP now, saying he’s not the best. The truth is,


if you have the time check these out:

Meanwhile, if you have the time check these out:



Let me know what you think…


I find it amazing to say the least that come March each year a revolving door policy starts to happen at the three commercial radio stations in the Western Cape

I find it amazing to say the least that come March each year a revolving door policy starts to happen at the three commercial radio stations in the Western Cape, never mind the syndrome called; ‘let’s copy what other stations do by simply packaging it in a different color.

Let’s get to specifics…

Last week Kfm introduced Bob Skinstad to Saturday 8-9am radio .All the station is doing is copying Heart 104.9fm On The Couch (also Sat 8-9am) which has been running successfully under the stewardship of Martin Myers for the past five years. The show enjoys great listenership interaction with host Sam Roy, cricket fundi Zaahier Adams and rugby gurus Mike Greenaway and in the 2010 edition it will see the introduction of Egon Seconds – all time record holder for tries scored for Western Province/Stormers.

During the week Heart 104.9 has The Sports Cage 6-6.30pm and Good Hope has JP Naude doing a sports show as well, also during the same times

Then next Lee Downs will be leaving Heart and moving to Kfm drive show 3-6. We also had Kfm with Ian F ex-5fm stand in for three weeks on various shows during the festive season .What has happened to him?

It’s a crazy time of the year where other people move including Jeremy Harris from Good Hope to a week latter doing sport on Kfm breakfast show.

Surely the listener in Western Cape can’t be that stupid? The offerings are too similar ..No one is thinking out the box and going for a radical change or direction with a proper marketing budget to bring real excitement back again to events and co–op campaigns.

What I would like to mention as well is that being a so called radio consultant in Western Cape must be real fun… Just copy what the other station does, read the RAMMS figures and then move a presenter from one station to the next and hope the listeners will follow, instead of working on a long term strategy to build the brand and work on synergies. By example; no one has done a tie up to be able to purchase music from the radio station via legal downloads etc.

The future is bright, but it’s not shades the radio fraternity seems to be wearing, it’s blinkers! (Bless them).

HURT LOCKER a must see movie

The movie has not landed yet in SA , but trust good old Amazon.com and you can order it on DVD . My copy arrived on Friday and all I can say this is a must see movie, a fantastic well directed movie about the scariest job in the world. I first heard about the movie when I worked for Sipho Mabuse on 46664 in New York last year July and could not find time to see it ,so when it was available on DVD in did not hesitate to purchase

The movie has just picked up some more awards and must stand a chance at the Oscars.

‘Hurt Locker’ tops Critics’ Choice Awards

Summit’s “The Hurt Locker,” the tale of a bomb disposal unit in Iraq, beat out a field of 10 nominees to win the best picture prize at the Broadcast Film Critics Assn.’s 15th annual Critics’ Choice Awards on Friday night. The award further contributes to the momentum of the film, which has been championed by critics’ groups around the country, as it heads into the Oscar battles.

Its director Kathryn Bigelow earned a standing ovation earlier in the evening when she was named best director — her ex-husband and fellow nominee James Cameron was among those on their feet applauding. “It’s a wonderful to have this honor,” Bigelow said, “but the recognition should also go to the men and women who are still in the field until this day

great radio show lined up on heart104.9fm from 8-10 this SAT

The 2010 draw is over, but we will discuss what is happening to the various football teams as well as having world class opinion including Pedro Pinto from CNN live on air, giving a truly global perspective.

Also we will be chatting to a number of Top household SA music stars.

On the couch has never been fuller, with the show being presented and hosted by Martin Myers, Sam Roy and Zaahier Adams

This week we go into extra time from 8 -10am on the couch on Heart 104.9fm

P.S we also talk to the number one selling author in SA at the moment.

MEF Connects South Africa

the speakers do not speak their mind and hide behind a tremendous amount of pr speak ..take the corporate hats off and give straight answers . To be honest Arthur Goldstuck from Johannesburg would have done a better presentation. Some of the speakers did not impart any meaningful take home info..sorry being honest

From http://m-e-f.blogspot.com/2009/11/mef-connects-south-africa.html

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