Arise Cape Town Fashion Week 20-22 Aug 2009

Music consultant to 5 shows as well as operator for Gavin Rajah, Kluk/CGT shows.

some pics from klukcgdt show on sunday 23 Aug

img 9800

img 9821

img 9822

img 9823

Martin Myers

Miss Nambia 2009

Overall Technical Production Management for the Miss Namibia Pageant 6 June 2009.

For the 10th year running supplying lighting design, operation, sound, music and technical production to the pageant using local supply companies.

Martin Myers

Martin Myers is a music DJ and publicist based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Martin started Triple M Music in 1985, partner Steve Olivier joined in 1989. Triple M Music specialises in supplying the audio and music requirements for fashion shows and corporate launches. Martin is the co-founder of SMD Lighting with Steve Olivier (started in 1995), which supplies lighting for corporate / fashion and rave / dance parties in the Western Cape.

Martin is a publicist in the Western Cape for Musketeer Records and Sony Music. He is also the co-founder (in 2008, with Brian Currin) of Find SA Fashion. In 2009 he was the co-organizer of the Music Exchange Conference alongside Peter Lacey of Musketeer Records.

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