Interview with Sipho Hotstix Mabuse | 6B Magazine

Sipho Hotstix Mabuse

Sipho Hotstix Mabuse

6B: You began working in the Music Industry while the old laws of apartheid were still governing the country. Despite that you still made your mark in the industry. What inspired you to keep pushing?

Sipho: I come from a generation of musicians who saw themselves as an investment, an invest in ourselves. If you believe enough in what you do, then you have to invest in yourself so that others can believe that they can invest in you, be that materially, or intellectually. We’d go out, rehearse, book the venues, write the banners and put them up, we’d load the equipment, drive ourselves to a venue – we were investing in ourselves. You don’t find people doing that anymore – all they want to do is rehearse and wait for a promoter to knock at their door.

6B: How has the music industry changed over the years?

Sipho: I call it “The dependence syndrome” It’s what is affecting younger musicians these days – They believe that the only way they can grow musically is through record companies and promoters. “I want to remain an artist and let everybody else take care of what I do…” This is a dangerous space to be in, because you find that you cannot create a space in which you can operate on your own. Interestingly, the challenges have always been the same, the issues around royalties, copyright, remuneration and so on. Unfortunately, most young people, particularly black young people, see music as an escape from poverty, and the only way in which they can find themselves employed – through television, recordings and performances. Little do they understand the pitfalls and the challenges that there are. We would never discourage them from wanting to be performers, but they also need to understand what it is that they are getting themselves involved in.

6B: You have said before that you thought you were destined to become a doctor or lawyer, what made you decide to go into music rather?

Sipho: I am studying through UNISA at the moment. I managed to complete my matric last year, because I wanted to do it. I left school to pursue my dreams, we had a band and toured all over Africa. I’m not encouraging youngsters to drop out of school, but I do encourage them to actively pursue their dreams – whatever that means to them. Just stay grounded whilst doing it.

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SA music comes up trumps at Music Exchange 2013

South African music is entering an exciting era of opportunity and progress as new markets open up for homegrown sounds. This was one of the key messages emerging from the 2013 Music Exchange Conference, which saw industry moguls and musicians congregating at the iconic Cape Town City Hall to talk about the serious business of music.

Music Exchange 2013

Music Exchange 2013

Music Exchange 2013

Music Exchange 2013

Music Exchange 2013

Music Exchange 2013

For three days, from 21 to 23 March 2013, the City Hall was abuzz with the sound of music – with a full programme of workshops and panel discussions on making it, marketing it, getting it heard on various platforms and ensuring that it moves with the times.

This independent music conference, now in its third year, attracted hundreds of experts and delegates from across the music spectrum – from composers and publishers to record company executives and media – to share knowledge and ideas, network, perform live showcases and identify opportunities to boost South African music locally, regionally and abroad.

Among the high-profile music creators spotted at the conference were Vicky Sampson, Mynie Grové, Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse, RJ Benjamin, Chad Saaiman, Jimmy Nevis, Mark Haze, Dub Masta China and Arno Carstens, as well as industry heavyweights such as Universal Music A&R consultant Benjy Mudie, Cape Town Jazz festival founder Rashid Lombard and Rolling Stone SA editor-in-chief Miles Keylock.

The international speakers on the programme included acclaimed house music producer and remixer Charles Webster (UK), music promoter Doug Davenport (USA) and Africori CEO Yoel Kenan (France).

One of the conference’s undisputed highlights was the keynote address by Trevor Jones, moderated by Universal Records managing director Randall Abrahams. Now based in the UK, Jones was born in District Six and is considered one of the top five film score composers in the world, with several Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations as well two ASCAP Awards in the bag.

Jones has made an indelible mark on the global entertainment industry, scoring international blockbusters such as Notting Hill, The Last of the Mohicans, Mississippi Burning and The Mighty and working with the likes of U2, Sting, David Bowie, Sinead O’Connor, Britney Spears, Elvis Costello and Charlotte Church.

Jones became overcome with emotion after being given a standing ovation by delegates, who warmly welcomed him back home.

During his inspirational talk, he spoke about the importance of music education and his desire to give something back to South African music industry: “Key to South Africa’s success is hard work and building a positive perception of our country and us a nation,” he said.

Award-winning local singer, songwriter and guitarist Arno Carstens, who spoke at the conference about the song that made him famous, said it was an honour to be part of Music Exchange and it was encouraging and inspiring to see so many enthusiastic people attend and share their experiences and knowledge.

Joining Carstens on the stellar line-up of artists speaking about the song that made them famous, Vicky Sampson acknowledged songwriter Alan Lazar (formerly of Mango Groove, and now a successful composer based in Los Angeles), who wrote African Dream. “I am grateful that Alan gave me the song and did not pass me up for Mango Groove’s Claire Johnston,” Sampson quipped. She spent every minute of the conference absorbing and learning, as well as reconnecting with her mentor Benjy Mudie and her old friend RJ Benjamin.

Versatile singer, composer and teacher Benjamin, who has been invited to be a vocal coach for the upcoming season of Idols and will be composing SABC2’s new signature tune, continuously urged delegates to make use of social media platforms to reach new audiences. Benjamin stood out as one of the speakers to whom delegates were drawn and his presentations proved to be extremely popular.

After the weekend’s proceedings wrapped up, local music legend Hotstix tweeted: “What a conference; what great speakers and delegates – wow!”

Added a delighted Music Exchange founder and board member, Martin Myers: “We have been completely overwhelmed by the positive feedback we’ve received, and the animated conversations on social media platforms about the success of Music Exchange.

“Recording and performing artists, as well as composers and other industry players, have complimented the conference for being relevant, engaging and thought-provoking. There was a strong focus on the business side of music, which elevated this event above a mere talk shop: they left with useful, practical information that will undoubtedly be of immense value in their various professional ventures.”

Visit to find out more about next year’s Music Exchange conference, or follow @musicexchange on Twitter.

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Music Exchange – South Africa’s 3rd independent music Conference | 21-23 March 2013

Music Exchange – South Africa's 3rd independent music Conference | 21-23 March 2013

Music Exchange – South Africa’s 3rd independent music Conference | 21-23 March 2013

Over 50 Speakers and Panelists confirmed for the 2013 Music Conference

Over 50 Speakers and Panelists confirmed for the 2013 Music Conference

Sipho Hotstix Mabuse and RJ Benjamin

Sipho Hotstix Mabuse and RJ Benjamin

Music Exchange, South Africa’s 3rd Independent Music Conference that gets everyone in the music industry talking, is set to take place from 21-22 March, with an additional day confirmed for the 23 March 2013 for workshops (see list below for more details on workshops).

The most influential names in the music industry have signed up to impart and share their knowledge and expertise at this year’s Music Conference

Some of the Panelists and Artists to look out for are:

Benjy Mudie A&R for Universal Music and Idols mentor, Rashid Lombard, founder of Cape Town Jazz Festival, internationally acclaimed artist Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse, Music label Ghetto Ruff CEO Lance Stehr,renowned producer Gabi Le Roux, chief editor for Rolling Stone SA Magazine Miles Keylock.

Thebe Ikalafeng, ( Ikalafeng is vice-chairman of the Brand Council of South Africa and a non-executive director of Mercantile Bank Holdings, Brand South Africa, WWF South Africa (WorldWideFund for Nature to name a few), as well as CEO of Brandsrock Mike Joubert and CEO of SAMRO Nick Motstate, Nick Matzukis the renowned Music Attorney is launching his new book at the conference entitled South African Music Law, Contracts and Business” – 2013 (third)
as well as Radio personality Ian Bredenkamp from KFM to name but a few, are all speaking at the conference .

Artists who are speaking at the Conference include :Arno Carstens, R J Benjamin ,Chad Saaiman , Jimmy Nevis, Dubmasta China , Andrew McPherson ,Mark Haze ,The Rudimentals , REBURN ,
Shadowclub , 7th Son , Goodnight Wembly, Dino Michael , DJ Da Capo
. International producer and record label owner Charles Webster
who produces luminaries such as Black Coffee, Bucie, MiCasa,Tracy Thorn (Everything But The Girl/Massive Attack) , Cathy Batistessa, Vanessa Daou, Wendy and Lisa and Robert Owens to name a few)

Delegates will hear about the future of music from the “who’s who” of the music industry.

All panelists and speakers will make themselves available for the full two days. Delegates will move into focused presentations on a number of topics and these will be followed by panel discussions with experts in each field.

Delegates are encouraged to submit their demos via the Soundcloud link on the website.5 to 10 bands /Artists / DJ’s and Music Professionals will be selected and given the opportunity to showcase their talent at the showcase evening
at the end of Day 1. Attendance for the Showcase evening will be free to delegates.

A number of key International Music Aficionados will also be present…”Speakers will be published shortly.

Please see website for a full list of Artists and Panelists and for further details on Topics to be discussed at this year’s 2013 Music Conference.

Music Exchange Offering:

A 2 day ticket purchased for Music Exchange at R499
will include the following:

  1. Catering for 21 ,22 and 23 March 2013
  2. Showcase Evening on the 21 March 2013
  3. Concert Evening on the 22 March 2013
  4. Workshops – 23rd March as follows:
  • ADMT African Dance & Music Technology – An interactive DJ interactive workshop which will include how to DJ/ production / remixing / mastering and running label etc.

With Dino Michael and Charles Webster who is producing luminaries such as Black Coffee, Bucie, MiCasa,Tracy Thorn (everything but the girl/massive attack) , Cathy Batistessa, Vanessa Daou, Wendy and Lisa
and Robert Owens to name a few!!!!) The very talented SA Producer & DJ Da Capo will also be part of this interactive workshop

  • The Score – Music database and Music Portal for Artists How to use this database to List Your Gig Guideand other effective tools.
  • Contracts and Advise Legal– Ankia Pelser
  • Web development and Sugarman.Org – Brian Currin


21, 22 & 23 March 2013


Cape Town City Hall

Ticket Prices

1 day ticket at R299

2 day ticket at R499

Music Exchange Concert 23 March 2013 Tickets R 50-00 sold online or R 100-00 at the door

For media related queries, interviews, photos and media accreditation to attend the conference, please contact Gwen Ironsi – Tel: 072 656 1906 or e-mail:

For more information on Music Exchange 2013, and booking details please contact

Or visit the website

Panelists and Speakers – Music Exchange 2013

Panelists and Speakers – Music Exchange 2013

Nick Motsaste CEO SAMRO JHB
RJ Benjamin SA Artist Soul and R&B JHB
Benjy Mudie CEO Owner Fresh Music / A&R Consultant Universal / Idols Mentor JHB
Mike Joubert CEO Brands Rock Cape Town
Thebe Ikalafeng Ikalafeng is vice-chairman of the Brand Council of South Africa and a non-executive director of
Mercantile Bank Holdings, Brand South Africa, WWF South Africa (WorldWideFund for Nature and
South African Tourism, and Founder and Chairman of Brand Africa and Public Sector Excellence.
He has served on various leading corporate boards and all notable industry bodies.
Ikalafeng is widely recognized in Africa and the world, and has been featured in global media such as
CNN, BBC and CNBC Africa.
Sipho Mabuse SAMA Life Time Award Winner and 46664 Ambassodor / Music Exchange Board Member JHB
Charles Webster Electronic Dance pioneer and International Producer from UK – Remixes Micassa and Black Coffee UK
Nick Matzukis CEO Academy of Sound Engineering JHB
Rashid Lombard Founder of the Cape Town International Jazz Festival has a played a pivotal role in conceptualising, strategising and implementing the marketing strategies for the festival now branded as “Africa’s Grandest Gathering “ Cape Town
Yoel Kenan CEO Africori – X CEO Jazz FM London France
Doug Davenport International Music Promoter – USA USA
Martin Myers Founder of Music Exchange – Owner Triple M Entertainment Cape Town
Peter Lacey Board Member Music Exchange and owner Musketeer records who managed band – SEETHER and SARON GAS Cape Town
Pascal Righini Owner Clique Entertainment / The Plastics Cape Town
Tristan Keyte Producer Cape Town
Brian O’Shea Producer – Arno Carstens / Elvis Blue Durban
Lance Stehr CEO Ghetto Ruff – Founder POC – SA Hip Hop– Fly Chix JHB
Gabi le Roux Producer – Mandoza Cape Town
Arno Carstens Artist Cape Town
Chad Saaiman Artist Cape Town
 Jimmy Nevis Artist  Cape Town
Abdi Hussein Artist Cape Town
Andrew McPherson Artist Cape Town
Mark Haze Artist Cape Town
Dino Michael DJ – House Music Producer Cape Town
Nic Gaud Artist Cape Town
Theo Crous Producer / Composer / Artist Cape Town
Sipho Dlamini General Manager Marketing and Business Development – SAMRO JHB
Bojan Andrejvic IRIS – (independent Record Industry Solutions) JHB
Sean Wienand Headline Artist Management – Former Owner Mercury LIVE Cape Town
Ivan Turanjanin Culture manager – Red Bull Studios Cape Town
John Langford CEO Big Concerts Cape Town
Mike Pocock Sponsorship and PR Manager – One Eyed Jack Cape Town
Jeremy Moyle Clique Manager – The Plastics – Rock Band Cape Town
Moenieba Abrahams Marketing Manager – Musica Cape Town
Miles Keylock Chief Editor Rolling Stone Cape Town
Jason Curtis New Media Publishing and Cape Times Music Writer Cape Town
Anton Marshall Rolling Stone Cape Town
Dave Duarte TreeShake Cape Town
Derek Geddes Fashion Director Elizabeth Galloway Cape Town
Pfanani Lishivha (Executive General Manager – POSA) – SAMRO JHB
Bradley Shaw Rolling Stone Cape Town
Anton Marshall Rolling Stone Cape Town
Joyce Schulten Executive General Manager – Writer Services – SAMRO JHB
Brian Currin Freelance Web Marketer and Music Consultant Cape Town
Dubmasta CHINA Dubmasta China is one of South Africa’s leading Reggae deejays and has also produced several Dub and Dancehall tracks. Cape Town

A number of key International Music Aficionados will also be present…More Speakers will be published shortly.


Brian Currin and Stephen “Sugar” Segerman met in 1997 through the rediscovery of Rodriguez. A mutual love of music (especially the South African kind) and sharing it with others, saw them launch Sugar Music in the early-2000′s.

Sugar Music has since become the hub for many projects including, The South African Rock Encyclopedia, The SA Rock Digest,, Mabu Vinyl, and a number of other joint and associated music ventures.

Since 2004, Sugar Music has been supplying Channel 24 (MWeb’s entertainment portal) with MP3s by South African artists of all genres, and from all decades, for the MP3 section of their Homepage.

These MP3s are made available as free downloads by Channel 24, to help give exposure to all these artists and their music. Some tracks are full length (if requested by the artist), but most are edited to be between 70% and 75%, as long as they are longer than 2 minutes.

An image, a short blurb, and a hyperlink are included with each entry.

If you would like to take advantage of this excellent promotional opportunity, at no cost to yourself, please supply a list of songs that you are authorising for free download and which web address you would prefer each song linked to. Sugar Music will take care of the rest.

Sugar Music submits monthly reports to NORM, of all tracks supplied to Channel 24, to ensure transparency and compliance.

For more information please contact Sugar on or phone 021-4237635.

Radio interview with Robin Lustig on BBC World Service


BBC World Service Radio’s flagship news and current affairs programme, Newshour.

Radio interview with Robin Lustig

The BBC World Service is the BBC’s international radio station. It is broadcast to every country in the world in 32 languages and has a listenership of 43 million to its English language network each week.

It has very large audiences in parts of Africa and Asia and one of its largest growing audiences is in the United States where programmes are taken on 200 NPR stations reaching more than 10 million listeners.

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