I urge friends to see Soli Philander’s new show at the Baxter Theatre till 29 July at 7.30pm

I really do urge friends to see Soli Philander new show at the Baxter Theatre.

I saw the show last night with my wife Razia Myers and Kamla Pillay and Prashant Jugdeesh .

The show is a real hard look at Cape Town – warts and all .
It is filled with humor .erudite points and sadness with reflection and beauty all put together with a wonderful narrative.

The narrative holds the whole piece together .One man on stage holding you captive for 75 mins and making you think .

The show is no slapstick comedy routine .

75 mins of beautiful theatre . BEST WORK yet . If this show does not win awards I will be damned .



Sun City is an Electro-Indie-Pop duo from the sunshine capital of the world…Perth, Western A ustralia

My great friend Dave Thompson sent me this biog and song to play on our mesport show on the taxi between 2 and 3pm on Thurs which we will do ..Please log onto www.thetaxi.co.za , Tell us what you think, is the music better than the Western Force play rugby?

Sun City is an Electro-Indie-Pop duo from the sunshine capital of the world…Perth, Western Australia. Their sound blends classic analogue synth hooks with pumping baselines and dynamic vocals; resulting in energetic anthems that tell stories typical of the coming of age experiences of young Australians.

The duo consists of Daniel Mackey (22) and Tobias John (21) who are both multi-instrumental musicians. The pair met in high school where they both shared classical music scholarships and played and performed in a range of orchestras and ensembles together.

In January 2011, Sun City began recording and producing their songs with Andrew Wright (Gold Dust Construction studios, Perth). Within three weeks of releasing their first two tracks ‘City Lights’ and ‘The Escape’ to the public, Sun City placed both songs in the triple J unearthed (99.3 FM) national top 25 Indie chart and Overall Top 100 chart.

It is early days for Sun City, but they have already proved that they are capable of gaining the attention of the right people in the right places. With several large scale festival gigs on the immediate horizon, they are sure to be creating some much anticipated hype over the coming weeks and months.

Stay tuned and be part of the adventure.

E: suncitytheband

W: www.livefromsuncity.blogspot.com

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