Heart 104.9fm lovely poster for Freedom day 27 April 2016

HEART 104.9fm on air photo of all the contributors big and small to celebrate Freedom day 2016
Our show airs every Saturday from 9-10am and is called on the couch or #OTC with Tapfuma Makina and Flapper

New Time on Saturday for On the couch on HEART 104.9fm 9- 10am

Take Tapfuma Makina and Heart 104.9FM on a Saturday morning. Add Martin Myers and someone known only as Flapper and you have On The Couch, # OTC a witty and crazy sports-themed show. It is 60 minutes of laughs, non-facts and facts and food for thought.

Initiated by Myers and then Saturday on-air DJ the late Az Abrahams , Heart 104.9 soon realised that there was such a thing as power in numbers, and Flapper joined the team.

Today the passionate and sports mad trio — an accountant, a music industry veteran and a music DJ — make for fun radio. The show ran from 8-9am for many years and now we have moved one hour latter .

From just after 9am through to 10am the phone lines light up as Heart listeners get to tackle the fanatical Flapper, referee Tapfuma and the ever-controversial Martin on everything from try-lines to balls.

Tapfuma is soccer mad , Myers follows suit with his unashamed love of the All Blacks, whilst Flapper can’t be challenged on his cricket and golf knowledge.

Alistair Coetzee -DHL Stormers coach with the team

Everything about On The Couch is entirely off the cuff and therein lies its spontaneity and in turn its success.

With Tapfuma keeping the lines open throughout the show and a little bit of music to dilute the talk, the subject matter is relevant to the sports issues of the day — a mixture of good clean fun and addressing controversial issues.

With international sport well covered, these three wise men are hungry to expose and celebrate the best of what the country has to offer in up-and-coming talent and teams, no matter what the sport or discipline.

Dr Danny Jordaan CEO of SAFA

The trio don?t play by the rules, only because they spend more time on the bench than on the field, making On The Couch everything but formatted — instead it’s fun, entertaining and downright silly at times.

On Sat on Heart 104.9fm from 8-9am we discuss the topic “Professionalism in schoolboy r ugby”

On Saturday on Heart 104.9fm from 8-9am we discuss the topic “Professionalism in schoolboy rugby”, during OTC -On the couch .

The team of Flapper ,Martin and Tapfuma have a wonderful guest coming in to studio to discuss the topic

The 1st Xv coach of a local school has agreed to come and chat about the state of school boy rugby here in the Western Cape, and specifically about the apparent real or perceived professionalism that exists.

Please tune in and join the discussion from 8 -9am on Heart 104.9fm

Helen Zille the Sports fan 101 on HEART 104.9FM today with Norman Arendse

Interesting guests Norman Arendse and Helen Zille. today on the couch on HEART 104.9FM TODAY from 8-9am

Listen to on the couch on Sat on heart 104.9fm from 8-9am when guest will be Irfaan Abrahams, aka Fanie Breyani

Join on the couch on Sat at 8am on Heart 104.9fm to find out why Irfaan Abrahams, aka Fanie Breyani, has been selected to run the New York Marathon on 6th November 2011.

Irfaan Abrahams is teacher at Rocklands High in Mitchell’s Plain and has a passion for education and empowering the youth. He was featured and honoured on ETV as a South African Teacher Hero and recently won an award from the Department of Education for his sterling contribution

The On the couch team is pictured below

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