“The Soundtrack of my Life” by Clive Davis is essential reading if you love Music

Trust me ,this book is amazing ,not only in the scope of songs he unearths for artists who we all know and love ,but also for some of the frank insights he gives regarding certain acts.

I worked for the company for many years and am personal friends with his right hand man Charles Goldstuck who has spoken at music exchange www.musicexchange.co.za and the insights Clive gives regarding the challenges are truly amazing.

Go get the book you will not be disappointed .


I must agree with this review, I was given an advance record and have heard the whole album , thats why I posted it on my blog.Whitney is back big time with great songs. Enjoy.

Finally, the moment is almost here: the release of Whitney Houston’s long-anticipated new studio album after a seven-year break. “I Look to You” (Arista/RCA Music Group) will arrive in stores Aug. 31.

Here’s a track-by-track rundown of what’s in store:

1. “Million Dollar Bill” (3:24)

Opening the proceedings is this club jam that practically screams remix. Produced by Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz, it’s accented by a catchy hook on which Houston emphatically notes, “If he makes you feel like a million dollar bill, say it.” The song contains a sample from “We’re Getting Stronger” as performed by Loleatta Holloway.

2. “Nothin’ But Love” (3:35)

Behind the production helm are uptempo specialists Fernando Garibay and Nate “Danja” Hills. Houston proclaims that after everything she’s been through, she has nothin’ but love for family, teachers and “anyone who tried to hate on me/ Even the ones who tried to break me take me down.”

3. “Call You Tonight” (4:09)

This is a lilting mid-tempo tune about love, a cornerstone subject in Houston’s storied career. Her assured, distinctive vocals are front and center on this Stargate production.

4. “I Look to You” (4:26)

The first single and title track is one of two R. Kelly compositions on the album. It’s a simple, inspirational ballad that comes closest to Houston’s iconic “I Will Always Love You”; co-produced by Tricky Stewart and Harvey Mason Jr.

5. “Like I Never Left” featuring Akon (3:49)

Akon produced this easygoing, mid-tempo groove about reconciling lovers. His musical tenor is the perfect complement to Houston’s resonating, gospel-honed voice. She also co-wrote the song.

6. “A Song for You” (4:11)

The album’s only cover is a classic penned by Leon Russell and recorded by a number of artists, most notably Donny Hathaway. Houston puts her own stamp on the track, starting slow and then revving up the tempo. Remindful of Houston’s 1993 cover of “I’m Every Woman,” this is another Stargate-produced track.

7. “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” (3:40)

It wouldn’t be a Whitney Houston album without at least a couple of ballads. This dramatic anthem — heavy on the piano, drums and synths — was penned by Diane Warren and produced by David Foster.

8. “Worth It” (4:39)

An understated but still sassy and saucy Houston goes to work on this mid-tempo song about knowing when love is worth it. She sings, “This is for the lovers just getting on their feet; for the lovers 20 years deep.” It’s produced by Eric Hudson (Kanye West, Ne-Yo, Mary J. Blige).

9. “For the Lovers” (4:13)

Houston ratchets up the beat on this outing, whose contemporary, infectious rhythms signal another potential club and/or top 40 single. Nate “Danja” Hills produced.

10. “I Got You” (4:12)

With its atmospheric backdrop, this cut is a heart-felt declaration about the never-fading chemistry between two former romantic partners. Akon steps back in as producer on this mid-tempo selection, also co-written by Houston.

11. “Salute” (4:10)

Minimal accompaniment — keyboard, drums and guitar — provides the backdrop on the second of R. Kelly’s contributions. With conviction in her voice, Houston is ready to shed no more tears as she salutes a departing lover. You can fill in the blank.


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