It’s time for Ke Nako as jpre collaborates with international superstars


Twenty years after helping Nelson Mandela unify South Africa, Jpre is joined by Wyclef Jean, Jazmine Sullivan and B. Howard on People’s Anthem

Cape Town, 29 June 2010: As the world watched Nelson Mandela walk free from prison in 1990, a schoolteacher named John Pretorius sang his heart out in front of 120,000 people on a song he wrote just for the occasion, Sekunjalo Ke Nako. This year sees this historically significant song revamped on a collaboration with international superstar Wyclef Jean, 5-time Grammy Nominee Jazmine Sullivan and B. Howard, this years most anticipated artist.

“With the help of Mr. Mandela and the addition of Wyclef, Jazmine, and B. Howard, the song’s message of Unity, Peace, and Love showcases Africa’s humanity and humility. We hope it will reach the four corners of the globe and become the ‘People’s Anthem’,” said Jpre, a personal friend of the late Michael Jackson, who had committed to join the other artists on this track prior to his untimely death in June 2009.

Sekunjalo Ke Nako was first performed at the Grand Parade Rally in Cape Town, hours after Madiba was released from 27 years in prison. As the rally continued Jpre took the stage and as he sang, Mandela broke into the now famous “Madiba Jive.” The crowd exploded and for the first time since Colonial rule in South Africa, blacks and whites celebrated together with freedom in their minds. It was at that unifying moment that Mr. Mandela asked Jpre to join him at all future political rallies to help win the election of 1994. Ke Nako became Mandela’s unofficial campaign song. As in 1994, the 2010 FIFA World Cup marks another milestone for South Africa and the African continent.

Ke Nako incorporates four main languages of South Africa – Sotho, Zulu Xhosa and English. Produced by B. Howard and interwoven with local artists and choirs including The Soweto Male Choir, the late Lucky Dube’s Band, The Cape Minstrels Musicians and the Boere Orchestra, Ke Nako perfectly blends the rich history of Africa with the international pop sounds of today. Influenced by the powerful message of the original song, FIFA made “KE NAKO” the official slogan of the 2010 World Cup. Currently, Ke Nako is receiving great applaud in Japan with its alignment to a food brand of the same name. The song has impressed the Japanese to such an extent that Jpre was requested to conduct personal performances of the song in front of the Japanese football team as motivation prior to their matches at the World Cup.

Jpre has worked with numerous international performing artists including Jennifer Hudson and LL Cool J and has a close personal relationship with the Jackson family. Jpre’s album is currently in the process of being reworked and will be on the shelves late 2010. The current version of Ke Nako can be found on Sony Music’s Listen Up! The Official 2010 Fifa World Cup Album.

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